Tuesday, October 11, 2016

PICK UP THE PACE!! prays (me!) sandra, tvgp

visiting a different church every sunday that I go to church for the upcoming year.   -and one of the things I cant wait, and very much hope to find..

"BETTER MUSIC!!"    -faster, happier, more energized..

it is the most difficult thing for me...   well, already, since I don't sing, that whole part is a challenge, just waiting for the sermon/lesson..  but I use that time to meditate/pray..

but still..

it is hard, hard, hard!  because I have crossed over..

"ive got the JOY! JOY! JOY! down in my heart! yeah, down in my heart!"    -and my energy is a match for that song,

or I sure love, andy grammers, "GOOD TO BE ALIVE, WRITE ABOUT NOW! YEAH!"

but, for many churches.. not all.   not Melissa's..  "thank you!"

but,  -I walk in with the JOY IN MY HEART.. and energetic, and then they sing slow hymn after ballad after slow hymn..   and it feels like I'm having my joy/energy vacuumed out..

"i worked very hard to get here!  stop bringing me backwards!"

so, mostly, I just wait for that part to "END PLEASE..."     

and so try this as an exercise to feel what I feel.  -k.

everyone already has a default pace at which they walk and speak.

so, without maybe being conscious of it..  you walk a certain amount of steps per minute on your way from the parking spot to the store..

now,  -consciously slow your pace dramatically, and see how long you can do that without needing/wanting to get back to your normal pace.

do the same with talking...

and see how good it feels to walk/talk at your natural pace...

and how much effort/energy to adjust it one way or the other..

my natural spiritual pace is  "good to be alive, write about now! yeah!"

not, ... 

"h    o   w..   g      r       e       a         t    

t     h    o     u                       a    r     t    

and, God Willing, i'll live many more years, and no doubt, the longer you live, the more opportunities for tests

and I'm sure I may encounter times when a slow hymn/ballad is a match

but it is not write now and I don't want to miss out on the JOY DOWN IN MY HEART part of my life..

I need some...  

".....I finally found my HALLELUJAH!"   music..

I need some say amen with a beat!   -amen!


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