Tuesday, October 18, 2016

magnificent reminder from (gary a winter!)

it's the only way I know how to think...      so, "thank you!" gary a. winter!

AND for those of you who do not already know, -he is one of my favorite artist friends to brag on:

"see that mural on the side of strizzi's...    gary winter!"

"see all those wood sculptures at richerts lumber...    gary winter!"

"the nail art tree in tully's...  nail art of kolln hardware...  gary winter!"

"miniatures of Pleasanton buildings...     gary winter!"

"those super cool footballs at Ricks Picks...   gary winter!"

" ....at the berry patch...   wood figures, miniatures...   and these new heart pins...      gary winter!"

and among my very special true treasures..  I have one of his Pleasanton ornaments..   coloring books of downtown, maps,   -and this heart pin,   -and!  one of the nails found under kolln hardware..

"get your SNgear...    gary winter!"

I could go on and on...

"Thank You!" for your ongoing creative contributions and inspiration

God has obviously blessed you!    xoxo


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