Monday, October 17, 2016

oh no... not MAG TIME FRAMES again... YES! MTF AGAIN! says, (me!) sandra, tvgp

poor JuJu...    invited me for a glass of wine and a visit out on her lovely patio, but then made the mistake of asking me about my business..

"Mag Time Frames!!....   WELL, .....

/and I'm not sure how long I went on and on, but.. eventually she excused herself to use the bathroom..   and then had to do something else after that...

it still gets the best of me sometimes..   gets me all riled up...

and I will try not to go on and on here; again, but..

"BUT!    magnetic home décor frames of all kinds are so ubiquitous now, it is hard for people to remember or understand...

what homes, stores, offices, were like BEFORE they existed at all.   

and of the 800 obstacles I encountered with my innovation of


one of the single most challenging obstacles was this:

creative consumer:   "so does it go on the refrigerator then?  how do you get it on the refrigerator?"

and, trust me, I started out very polite, the first 400 times I explained it:

(me!):   "No, this is not a refrigerator magnet frame..  it does not go on the refrigerator.   It is a Home Décor Frame.. it sits on a table top, or can hang from your wall..."

 like, no one had seen a magnet frame that did not stick to their refrigerators.   the concept alone was entirely foreign.

I had to EXPLAIN, EXPLAIN,   -to every store owner, every creative consumer..

and if you visit my website:    you can see,  -once the wood/metal are decorated, you cannot

SEE THAT IT IS METAL & MAGNET..   so, I had to explain some more....

and, then when I showed completed samples...     sometimes I would get..

"okay..  so how do I put the picture in?"


consumer:  "oh...   and then it goes on the refrigerator?"

   -honest to God, the mindset alone was so hard to break through!!

but..     honey, let me tell you..

for every single person who attended one of my workshops...   every store owner who made one...


and snatched those CYO MTF KITS up like nobodies business...

in Jesus knows the story, name..  amen!


At 6:52 AM, Blogger SHE said...

and, so yes

at that time, if you said -picture frame- the only kind of frame people had in their mind were the kind that sat on table tops, or hung on walls, but you put your picture behind clear glass, surrounded by frame.

and if you said, -magnet- and -frame- in the same sentence, the only kind of magnetic picture frame people had in their mind were the kind that stuck directly to refrigerators.

Mag Time Frames were an entirely new concept. And what made all the initial difference was the pull strength of the magnet

with a refrigerator magnet, if you placed a paper behind it, it fell. too thin and not strong enough

the magnets in the original Mag Time Frame kits could hold several pieces of paper behind them and still stick, plus they could be cut with scissors -perfect for crafters.. -and then, less liberating embellishment wise, but strong and creatively fun also.. button magnets.. bottle caps... -no scissors, but endless opportunities also..

At 7:04 AM, Blogger SHE said...

perhaps ill have to say it until I feel heard, acknowledged, validated..

but, in addition to introducing an entirely new concept, I am also very proud of the fact I introduced

a new empty canvas/foundation for ALL the papers/embellishments in the industry. -this is a big deal.. and the best way I can explain why, is to use the current analogy

of phones/computers and apps

the ratio, is -just throwing out numbers to make the point:

the ratio is 3 platforms supporting thousands and thousands of apps.

so phones, computers, tvs... these are the platforms/foundations.
and then you can load them with a gazillion apps, and new apps are created everyday

but not new platforms for the apps!

so, I know, personally... from this experience, there is a real opportunity out there for the write people -new hosting environments for apps...

and so, I did not add a new embellishment to the industry

I added a new canvas! for embellishments.. -see?

so, for paper crafters you had empty card stock, and scrapbooks, as the primary canvas for..

and then Mag Time Frames...

At 7:05 AM, Blogger SHE said...

... can I get you some coffee... help keep you awake...


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