Friday, October 28, 2016

there IS a quantifiable unknown -by (me!), sandra, tvgp

there are both quantifiable unknowns and unquantifiable knowns.   so, sometime I do in fact, wonder..   I wonder if I have done the most actual writing out of everyone in the world; to date.

this is not from a place of competition or ego.  this is from a place of very pure curiosity.  as I go through my boxes again..   and see/consider, not only my 11 years, 4000 posts here, but

come across journal after journal..

and then consider how many journals ive written in, cover to cover, and burned...

although it is quantifiable.. that is, if one kept track from jotting of first word to end of life/last word..

there does exist a word and page count.   but the track has not been kept.   so I wont, and cant know..

but, may I confess here, I do marvel at my own out put.    not in a positive way, but sympathetic..

compassionate.   and if I consider the quality of my life without this form of communication..

anyway..   ive rid myself of several more journals, and have come to prefer typing to writing, and this blog platform to paper journals.  and ive always preferred writing to talking

it remains true still:  the analogy; writing is like driving a hybrid on the highway...  I can go and go and go without using much energy..    talking is like driving an SUV in San Francisco..  I can do it, but the amount of energy it requires..      consuming/taxing

i.e.,  in bible study group, I was asked about meeting Ayesha Curry..  
and if you read my blog post about it... lots of detail, emotion, excitement...  lots of words used to tell the experience.    but what came out of me verbally at bible study

"yes.. that was exciting.  made me happy.   the last shall go first...    "

   -that is literally all I said.    /I'm tired people, I'm working 7 days a week...

and you and I both know people, who would, in conversation, go on and on.. hold court, as the saying goes..   but if you asked them to write about it:    -struggle.

   what is your primary form of communicating?    anyway..    there are lots of us out there..

  -mega bloggers.    and, without the innovation of the blogosphere; this was unknown too..

  -what is not quantifiable, but known; to (me!)   -the healing powers of writing.   -the (vocabulary word?)  significance/gratification of using God given instincts/talents/gifts   -the growth that takes place from the thinking that takes place during writing   -creative growth    -relationships enhanced, saved,   -personal evolution...       lots of unquantifiables; but clearly known/experienced..

and what is not quantifiable, is what takes place for readers who enjoy, or feel validated, or grow, or think about..  or reconsider..  or are influenced... or inspired into action     -as a result of reading someones writing..

I only revisit all of this because I have come across an abundance of journals ive written..

my God.. I never shut up.


and there is a quantifiable number of documentaries ive watched..   but track has not been kept here either..   I can only guess, and that guess is

a lot!

and very happy/fulfilled/delighted to add to that number two more outstanding documentaries:  and what happen, miss simone.

so, its all the tv/movie watching I need & love:   joyce meyer, bishop t.d. jakes, my Charlie rose, my CBS sunday morning,  "The Voice!"

  -THAT VOICE!     -all my imaginary bettin' money is on the table for We McDonald..

honey, did you see/hear her sing Mary J Bliges, No More Drama?!?

and an occasional movie/documentary..     someone else's life story to get lost in..   and learn from..

and I will close with this:

I really don't need to see anymore famous musician documentaries.. even though I thoroughly enjoyed Nina Simone's..

  the life pattern is so..

well, there is a very predictable pattern.  change the singer/change the scenery; repeat the patterns..

Janis Joplin, Ray, Tina Turner..   long list        struggle, drugs, abusive relationships; exploitation; fame not being  all its cracked up to be..    money not being the answer..

but I am curious,  -because, if you fast forward a couple decades, there will be more documentaries, movies, shows created about the young adults participating/competing on The Voice today

and will the pattern be broken?    -for your sake; I pray so..        is anyone learning from past generations?  or just repeating...

I pray we see some evolution..

In Jesus, what a gift to hear their vocal gifts, name..   amen! 


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