Sunday, October 23, 2016

irresistible sky shot & a pleasant surprise -from (me! &.... )

I am grateful for the camera on my phone, but.. wish I had my canon.   "Anne.."  I said, "you know how its important to stop and smell the roses..   well, you need to stop and see the sky."

~ very special.     and,

my guess is..   /wait til you see how smooth a transition I'm about to

my guess is,  -well, I don't remember what the name of this cloud pattern is..

-to me..  its when clouds write their own poetry
-to anne, its marshmellow~y

but if you want to know the actual name..  and weather related implications..
 you would need like,

a 5 time emmy award winning

gorgeous meteorologist


loves the Raiders & shops at Ricks Picks

"Thank You!"   -for your graciousness in taking this picture

I have a dad, brother, and number of family friends
smiling very big write about:


"Hi Dan"    "Hi Larry"   "Hi Motown"   "Hi Bob"   "Hi Tyler"

~from Roberta Gonzales.


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