Saturday, October 29, 2016

"CHURCH!" for (me!) sandra, tvgp

Re-joyce in the Lord..     amen!


-sometimes I will just re-think about my fascination with the Bible..  with how different people respond different ways..


Robert Schuller read the Bible at a young age, and his immediate response was that what he had read was so powerful and important that he was willing to risk his own life to make sure it reached people in Russia..      -and in fact, there are large populations of people around the world who risk their lives to share the Bible, read the Bible..

that's quite a response.

Joyce Carol Oats read the Bible?  exact same book, and concluded it was fiction, written by men with the intention of controlling/manipulating   -I believe she remains an atheist..    and there are large populations of people who share this belief too...

same book.  different people.  very different response.

what causes this?

I remember reading, and thinking:  like, you would have to be ...  at least a high school and perhaps college level educated person to even read.. you would need to know geography, world history, how to translate/interpret, ...have an understanding of foreign language/cultures..      genealogy..  
you would need to verify; fact find; distinguish between literal and spiritual..    flesh and spirit..  human perspective vs....     long list.

is Christianity for everyone, or only the scholarly/educated/elite?

what happen for (me!) personally, experientially, is that my relationship through prayer

how my inner life changed/improved through prayer    -that is what made a believer out of (me!), and

the Bible, which I read and study..    and believe, is

what is a fair analogy?  accurate analogy?    

-first I responded to a piece of art.    the response was immediate/experientially moving and unquestionable

I was touched

and then, that experience inspired me to learn more about the artist..   the process...

but I did not need to know that information first...     

   -something like that.

in my spiritual walk,  -secular to spiritual..     I was touched first through prayer..

and then I had to learn more..

and, still..     there is so much to learn!         but I like to remind, because I know

lots of people who have never, and will never read the Bible

    -access to God is available to everyone through prayer.   and my life experiences  -direct contact with evil-doers; existing in a pit of inner hell..  intimately acquainted with misery

and then evolving into a person who

consistently (not exclusively) experiences peace and joy..  

I credit prayer and my wonderful spiritual teachers...       and, life time student of Joyce Meyers.. and she was not a scholar..    

In Jesus approachable, accessible, ever~available name    -amen!


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