Monday, October 31, 2016

Dear Eric Kandel.. from (me!) sandra, tvgp

the detail in the painting on the left
the lack of detail in the painting on the write /what you describe as abstract.

and the 40 year difference between the two.

-for (me!), personally..  from my experience as a writer and artist   -this exactly mimics what happens with writing/talking

there is no intention or decision involved whatsoever; it happens naturally

-have a conversation with someone fresh off the scene of a dramatic event, or
have a writer, write about a dramatic event within a few days of it..

have the conversation several years later...   have the writer write about the same dramatic event
several years later

move forward decades..

there is a very natural, innate, organic editing that takes place

and, how ive described it in the past is like this:   fresh off the scene, you get a novel..

pages and pages of detail, but as you move forward in time, and revisit the same subject you start to get chapters, not the novel, and then move forward in time, and you get pages not chapters

move ahead a couple years, you get paragraphs, not pages..

and ultimately...    several decades later, the dramatic event that used to be a novel in writing, or hours in conversation

is now   -bullet points.

no one tells and retells with the same level of detail from the initial telling, to the several years later telling..    -ever.  

ive seen it over and over and over, and experience it myself.

but, it feels like that is EXACTLY what I'm looking at here, when you show these paintings 40 years apart..   and write next to each other.

from detail, to bullet points.   -from every little thing, to..  the essence/major themes

it is natural; not artistic decision.    now, what specifically happens to the detail?  lost/forgotten/subsided/erased from memory.  it is my educated guess, that it does not get lost, forgotten, or erased; it gets diluted by other memories/experiences.

that is what you are looking at in the paintings:  detail.  vs.  diluted detail/ -just essence.

    more later... but I had to pause the program to share that....   

  ***  tbc

/type eric kandel in the search bar of this blog..    I am a fan & student of your work...


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