Sunday, October 30, 2016

good sunday morning richard lagravenese... from (me!) sandra, tvgp

"thank you!" here to abbie koopmann  /a student of cinema at san Francisco state university

I add to my list of movie's associated in one way or another with your name:

p.s. I love you.     -wonderful, delightful, romantic and moving movie to watch; perfect cast.. editing, soundtrack, etc.     and prior to movie beginning, I read your name

"Abbie..  why am I familiar with that name..   how do I know that name?   Richard.. La... Grav E niece~E..."

and with some quick phone/internet research she mentioned Freedom Writers..   "that must be it!"   and I talked about loving that movie..   and Hillary swank..   and million dollar baby...  and clint eastwood..   and by now, you understand how all these cerebral hyperlinks are initially created and then present themselves to be clicked on inside our mind, or skipped over, but part of the larger story.


anyway,  -fast forward to this morning, I decided to do a little more research and



    -AND for (me!) this IS my favorite movie   -of all time!, and.. I consider it a masterpiece among masterpieces..       relevant forever.  brilliant..   everything that makes a masterpiece a masterpiece

which ive already defined   -it contains all the criteria.   k

and isn't it only the most natural thing in the world, when you come across a masterpiece, to want to say so..  and "thank you!" to the creator..

/pause here for spiritual interjection and friendly reminder:   human beings are masterpieces..


then I just had to watch my Charlie rose interviewing you.. and those magnificent  /commercial free, uninterrupted,   very engaging conversations

and, I stop here too, to say..   "Charlie..   it is 2016, you need to invite him back write away.."

and, CH as follows:

freedom writers:    I am one.    -very familiar
bridges of Madison county:   -memories of my mom, so upset, genuinely angry to learn the book was  a work of fiction.
fisher king:  masterpiece among masterpieces..
the horse whisperer:   great book/movie..     -save only, a few select unoriginal plot lines; but,  -I still employ the colloquial vocabulary born from this book/movie.. (variable here)~ whisperer, as a way of identifying people who can influence results out of others in a gentle/caring vs. violent or aggressive or forceful or manipulative ways
unbroken:  where the story of the author, laura hillenbrand is as compelling as the subject(s), and the movie was incredible and louis zamperini's life journey..  and Angelina jolie's debut..   and the human constellation of circumstances/events that connects all these people /including yourself..  together..  it delivers one WOW after another..  I mean, my God..
and now add, p.s. I love you..     this is exactly the type of movie my dad's mom, my grandma Harrison would have thoroughly enjoyed..   ' I love, love..'  she would always say..    big appetite for love stories..

so, I have not seen all of your work, but these six films are stand outs..    

but let me return to the fisher king..    the movie is a masterpiece.  and I could go on and on about the cast..  /my Robin!  my Robin!    -the whole cast.  the chemistry between all of them, each individual incredible performance..    the cinematography!  the scenes!  the musical score!  the performances!  the editing!     just one perfect decision after another..  

but as person who has directly experienced PTSD...   ive always said   -when the conversations were germane

"..whoever wrote that...   knows stuff....    "

and having seen your interviews on Charlie rose..     -there is nothing in those which would indicate for me..  how you knew, what you knew, at such a young age, when you wrote the fisher king

you have an insiders knowledge.   I'm curious about that..

and, because you   -are, you..    well, I think you are a great candidate for reading

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time..

when I read that..     masterpiece of masterpieces, also..   I knew he

he = mark haddon

he had insiders knowledge also. -not on PTSD, but autism spectrum.   turns out it is indirect...  he taught in environments which gave him indirect experience but special insights..

so, as time allows, which is not today..  work/work/work

but as windows of time open..     I want to learn where your experience/insights into the aftermath of tragedy, the scope/depth of which is portrayed in fisher king

came from.    and then of course, you tackle and reveal the ego, in the fisher king like ive never seen it tackled/revealed in any other film or book too..    and human vulnerability/fragility...   and hopes/dreams..   and romantic love, friendship/platonic love, culture, nerves..  isolation..  flesh/spirit; violence/evil,   imagination; survival..   this world/that world...   so many things..

it is    -well, probably ive rewatched this movie more times than any other, and each time

  -I see a new something to marvel at..

and I will no doubt, revisit it again, very soon...


its been a great pleasure to pretend to talk to you,

Richard    /let me listen how my Charlie says it..

Richard..   La~grav~a~nAys.          

In Jesus knows you by name.   -'s name, amen!

oh!   -of great interest/gives many clues...   love to read anything this dense!


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