Monday, October 31, 2016

Inappropriate Laughter during Bible Study.. from (me!), sandra, tvgp

so, I'm sitting with my BSF small group, in a children's classroom
at valley community church

we are having our very spiritual discussion about the book of John..

and then I glance up..


and, I'm like..    really?!

-because in the reflection in the window, are like
12 dozen giant golden owl eyes..


and, so, since it was my very recent experience
and I needed to explain why I was giggling/laughing

I look to the woman on my write, and then my left..

"this has nothing to do with anything.. but
I'm laughing because

I was just hypnotized by an owl..

like, only days ago!  and here I am being stared at by
all kinds of these giant golden owl eyes again..."

and they both laughed..   but, with a hint of..

'you were hypnotized by an owl?'    -concern.

"yes. for real! I was hypnotized by an owl..  I just wrote about it!"

so, please if you will just read my very recent post:
titled:  mesmerized and hypnotized

I promise it will make sense.  and be.. like, funnier and less concerning..


this was indeed the reflection in the window from my seat:

and, it gets very sweet and spiritual write about now,
because when I walked over to see
the wall from which the reflection originated

it says:
God gives a hoot about you.

-that is too funny to me...     heavenly humor.


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