Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Checking the score... (Me!?) sandra, tvgp

prior to becoming.. to evolving... being subtly recruited into a sports, and specifically, a "Warriors!" fan..

how many memories i have..  countless memories, of my dad, brother, friends, family..  interrupting conversations, or leaving/excusing themselves from the room to

"Just check the score."

i became immune for sure, and had absolutely no real understanding.  like,  -knowing what the score is at any given moment will do absolutely nothing to effect the final outcome.


so, why on earth do you need to know along the way... ?   -if you cannot  -watch- the game..    Which makes sense, because you get to see individual plays/moves/offense/defense..  

but if you cannot -watch

..and I just couldn't quite wrap my mind around this just checking the score along the way mentality.

But! now, I am happy to report:

I fully understand!   and, while I was not able to see the actual game last night..   What I did do was watch the voice knock out rounds on my computer and every now and then.. Click to my warrior game tab which provided no images of the game or players, only exclusively

-the score!   "Oh good, we are ahead!".    " beautiful... Still ahead..."

"Wait a minute.. What happen.. How did the score get so close?"

"Okay...  That's better.. Keep your lead Warriors!"

"Woo Hoo!  We won!"


and there was something, not equally exciting as watching live..

but it sure felt important to know along the way, and not just the final score.    -feels like i have an analogy here to employ in the near future  

Touch heart. Point to God. Big Smile. Amen!


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