Sunday, November 06, 2016

for the love of live music & main street brewery from (me!).. and (my sister!) & (dancin' friends!)

now, there is an important prelude to appreciating this conversation I had with the owner of main street brewery last night

and that prelude is THIS STORY


our dialogue actually began here last night:

(me!):  "i have a dilemma."

matt:  "you have a dilemma?"

(me!):  "yes.  -because I really want a beer, but I don't want to lose my leaning against the wall space ive got here."

matt:  "you do have a good spot. what beer do you want?"

(me!):  "train wreck ipa"

and, then he was kind enough to be my bar tender, and next thing you know, ive got a delicious train wreck in my hand, without losing my very sacred wall leaning space..

because, had I arrived as early as I did the night before for Playthings,  I would have been able to reserve a table for my awesome non-stop dancin' friends    -Sheila, steve, Shirley, the other steve.. and a circle which just keeps growing actually, but  -by face, not by name..

but I did not get there early enough, and the Houserockers were performing, so.. took me several minutes..  checking/scanning, realizing every seat was already taken.. and I'm not one for just standing there

so, was very happy to spot and land the one and only open wall space perfect for leaning, add on, it is near the backdoor, so...     fresh air

it is the main thing that separates the experience: because barones is live music under the stars; outdoors, and at main street it is under a ceiling..   but it is the go-to while we wait for barones 2017 season..


Motown arrived write about the same time my fresh beer did..  and there is really very little leaning against a wall after he shows up; its all dancing   -and, turns out Sheila & friends did have a table after all, I just hadnt spotted them, but like the night before, we didn't do much sitting.

Houserockers are a magnificent band..  very large! lots of brass.. and the musicians not only fill the stage, but line down the wall, with trumpets, sax, trombone,   -horns.. write on the dance floor,  and as a result, its a very full sound..

and here's the whole point of my post today actually:

when they perform there is a $5 cover.

now, let me tell you..   after I wrote the story which serves as prelude to this post..  and came across the owner matt..  he was not as entertained as I intended.   he was more like..   a little agitated with the beat-the-clock patrons, because, as he explained to me

"the cover charge is how the band gets paid."

have you ever tasted a pure dose of immediate guilt?   well, I can tell you..   it has no salt, only a pokey texture that makes it hard to swallow, and it always leaves you a tad bit nauseous

our brother was in a band!  we love bands!  we love live music!   we love musicians!

and, so..  while the intent of my creative non-fiction short story was to be entertaining, and simultaneously capture special memories, and simultaneously share the financial dilemmas of,  and ways two divorced, single mom/sister/best friends prioritize their lives    /miss you so much, Keeshie.. xoxo


when I did leave the dance floor to go outside for some fresh air last night, and was in proximity of matt, the owner, again..    I was sure to share with him..

".. you know, ever since you explained that to me..    well, I always pay the cover charge now..

I budget for it!  I mean,   honey..   they can turn off my electricity.. but, I will be paying for live music!"

and, he told me..  "next year   -Houserockers are upping their cover charge to $10"


let there be no question what I want for Christmas...  some Alexander  Hamil~tens.

"Happy Birthday in Jesus' better to give to the bands you can name, name!"     amen!


At 10:27 PM, Blogger Karin Montgomery said...

Won't be your MAIN gift but I made a note to include some Hammy tens 😊👍🎶🎶
for Christmas.
All I have going for me now is Just Dance😳
In my front room . Lol
Enjoy! Dance! Be Merry!

At 7:27 AM, Blogger SHE said...

...oh! -brain storm... at least one person in the circle should have a fancy phone so we can skype you dancin' -and we can kinda be together on the dance floor...

/and isn't that a clever way to avoid the cover charge...

love you!sister.. "cheers!" xoxo


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