Thursday, November 17, 2016

Weather or Not.. Here She Comes.. poem in progress by (me!) sandra, tvgp

the clouds

they are in such a hurry today.   impatiently they wait.
traffic jam on skyway ten;  -guess they'll all be late.

i wonder where they're headin' to

                or no, no..

the clouds

they're in such a hurry today.  impatiently; they're stuck
traffic jam on skyway one     -ain't it just their luck

                     /pause to consider here, when you are the dark cloud; it is not over you.
                      when you, yourself, are the dark cloud   -you are over who?

i digress

i wonder where they're headin' to
i wonder where they've been
i wonder who their lovers are; and which ones next of kin

i wonder when they travel fast   -if they treat it like a game
i wonder that ones place of birth    -i wonder that ones name

i wonder which ones never made it to the top, and shined by making rain

oh the  you  artists of the sky,  -some relaxed,     -oh me, oh my...

i need something here to rhyme with sky...        and you know why...

sometimes i just to have to skip and later try

anyway...    where was "I!"       /hey, that rhymes with sky!   maybe ill go back and give that a try!

with brushless strokes you paint green the earth

                                          /and now i have to spell check  -mearth

with brushless strokes you paint the earth
your water breaks, and color births

i cannot contain my mirth...       -the power of your collective nature

                  /pause to consider here, when you are the shower, and you don't take one..
                        when you yourself are the shower..  you own all the cleaning power!
                                     plus you grow the seed to flower..

something about that smells very good.     -and don't you think we all should

that everyone should smell very good...

you quench my appetite for color

this color thirst,  -you exist to quench
the seeds you exist to grow

this life you hold,  we measure by the inch
because an inch is all we know

       -and when our sky is vibrant blue; out of sight is out of mind

unless of course there is a drought.  "rainmaker, rainmaker, send us a sign!"

then the slightest white puff makes all us dance

please! weatherman..     woman;  say there's a chance

                             "a chance

and we don't want you just passing through
not just dropping by
we want you to do what you were born to do!

without you we all die

and isn't that ironic that tears drop from our eyes.

oh, the sun shines in my heart, when any dark cloud covers
and isn't it romantic, how the sky and clouds are lovers

and how the sun and moon conspire
to bring us night and day

and how the earth...  and the solar system...  and the universe...   and life itself....
     -i write this in his name

hallelujah! amen, amen
looks like it will rain again!

see those clouds that just bumped heads..

see the traffic in the sky

the fender-bender, bottlenecks

the ones that cant get squeeze by..

look up!   -when dark clouds form above

it manna~fests!

/and rhymes with love.


I never met Ogden Nash..  but I did meet Billy Collins..     and, if I had his address, I would mail him a copy of this poem; as is

photo by jim ott
from the 2006 Pleasanton poetry, prose & art festival


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