Monday, November 21, 2016

Runna Jumpa Sauras Rex! by (ken farkash!)

I think, when I was telling my son, Jack, about the giant bear at alden lane.. that trigged him to remember Runna Jumpa Sauras Rex..   and then, because he can

he searched ken farkash from the palm of his hand held cell phone..  and we watched some of this together:


and, then, it's been my pleasure to revisit my blog posts..   and those memories.    and, can you believe ken, those kids who fell in love with runna jumpa sauras rex, and that you so generously invited to your home for a studio tour

they are in high school and college now!    -but you know what...  they REMEMBER YOU, and they remember Jacques..  and they remember when THERE WAS A DINOSAUR IN PLEASANTON

i-spied a dinosaur in Pleasanton!

and then runna jumpa saurus rex was gone..

and we still miss you.

"Happy Thanksgiving!"  my artist friend..    Blessings to you! & yours..


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