Wednesday, November 23, 2016

repeat like a commercial! wishes (me!) sandra, tvgp

so, this advertisement interrupted an article I was reading online.   and on my radio, commercials between almost every song.    -even the songs themselves...  

I was like,   -I wonder how many times ive seen that advertisement?    I wonder how many times ive heard that commercial?    I wonder how many times ive heard that song?


and then I considered, one of what I think is the most important messages ive heard in the past decade during an interview with my Charlie rose,

I thought about johanna ray vollhardt

and her explanations of inclusive victim consciousness.   -and how I know its true.    and

...   and how, if we could just somehow invest and turn this message into an advertisement; give it the repeated exposure of a fast food commercial..    put it in a song  (of every genre) that repeats on the radio..

-because as it stands

the message itself, with the potential positive impact on our entire society it holds

well, ive never heard it spoken of by any other interview-ee; by any other person..

ive never read more about it, heard more about it..

but I'm certainly going to make it available again write here.

and here

"Thank You!"  Johanna       Keep up the great research!    People will be very grateful one day

when the lesson learned gets APPLIED!

/what will it take to APPLY this knowledge...?

In Jesus is no stranger to aggression/violence or segregation or racisms name..    amen!  



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