Tuesday, November 22, 2016

clearing a path for gratitude (me!), sandra, tvgp

actually, I have a phd in gratitude.  I no longer have to work at it; I don't have to sit and force myself to make any list.  there is no struggle for me.   it has become literally effortless, and a very natural part of my every waking moment to live in gratitude.  "thank you"  is the first thing I think when I am consciously awake in the morning..  then longer prayers..  but

in order to write about my gratitude on Thanksgiving morning; I have to clear a path.  its a little traffic~y in my mind write now.   and what ive learned about

oh, what is the new term I just read/learned yesterday?  the newest euphemism/fresh vocabulary to hit the headlines..

traffic calming.    /yes...  featured in pleasantonweekly.com

[resist here a long tirade about..  things like, "starving" being now called, "food insecure"    -and skipping the time it would take to link George carlins skit on euphemisms in general..]

but I do think this:  I think humor is so vital and important a life skill, and comedians are so vital to our overall quality of life, and so crucial for exposing/explaining/revealing the truth about any variety of cultural issues

humor should be a mandatory part of all school curriculums.    see it. study it. learn it. practice it.

...  watch it, now...

and I know we like to regard our journalists, and promote our journalists as the people who investigate and reveal truths,

but boy do they ever have their hands tied with invisible cords which prevent them from telling us
the whole truth; and nothing but the truth..

I could go on.. but there is a cornucopia

/whoops..   I think I was supposed to remain consistent with my analogies, and

let me continue traffic calming..  clearing the path

TO the A.I. Team at MIT:    -have you created the calculator that provides the wrong answer  -only sometimes?  the calculator that makes mistakes.     -your next project is to create a computer which thinks one thing, but reports another.  after that..  two computers side by side; one with old worn out parts, the other shiny new.  then program the old worn out one to be self-conscious about not being shiny new; and program the shiny new one to feel superior to the old worn out one.  after that; program a computer that starts out selfish/self-centered and evolves into an altruistic humanitarian.

TO the brain initiative sub (conscious) committee:   -have you identified the caring neuron?  I'm not talking about the parent/child love..   I'm talking about social issues:

poverty.     -do you care?
human trafficking      -do you care?
elderly abuse    -do you care?
incarceration rates     -do you care?
drugs/addictions/      -do you care?
bullying on school campuses     -do you care?
mental illness     -do you care?
orphans            -do you care?
corporate greed    -do you care?

nuclear, bio, cyber, spiritual warfare     -do you care?
welfare of veterans           -do you care?

I can tell you people sure do care about what they look like!

but the social issues list is so long..       where is the care neuron?   and the care-to-taking-action toggle switch?


and i'm just sayin'  that's all..   i'm just sayin'...   just pointing out:  we receive messages via media, culture, movies, stories, grapevine..

the whole snowden narrative, the 1984 big brother stuff..  everything in that/related to

and the message we all receive is:   YOU ARE BEING WATCHED AT ALL TIMES.   everything you do!   every message you send!   thing you say!   etc, etc,

and..  they like to play up/hype how   -especially if/when anyone is taking off their clothes

   -write.    -your private moments are being watched...  by someone(s)/somewhere(s)....


all i'm saying..   what I want to point out is:

the last two times, over the past 5 years that I HAVE NEEDED VIDEO/SURVELLIANCE of some sort or another to HELP CATCH/REVEAL CRIMINAL ACTIVITY

   -it didn't exist..        ...we don't have that......

sorry.   didn't get it.


and speaking of criminals..    can you even calculate how many people?   I mean, just think with me for a moment

what is the ratio of crime to employment?   in my imagination it must be like:

for every one crime, 10,000 new jobs are created.     !!

I think in fact, we can thank criminals for employing more people than any other industry out there!

the eco-system when you take it all in:   every police officer, jail, alarm company, security guard, counterfeit machines, airport security, keys/locks, surveillance equipment, our entire military..

and for each... you have the buildings that need to be built, the tools which need to be thought/prototyped/created/stored/distributed/maintained...

anyway..   I am very impressed with how many jobs criminals help create.  ive only scratched the very surface here!   and it reminds me of the Bible passage..

no weapon formed against us, will prevail..   any weapon will be used to promote...

/not verbatim, but

when the weapon is crime...      there is quite a bright side for helping families make a living, put food on the table, educate their children...


so, I thank you both.  I thank you all!   if you are a criminal who helped create lots of jobs

"thank you!"

and if you are employed in any way, with a job/position that helps fight crime

"thank you!"

   -same with sick people.

but speaking of employment:

 I have to get to work..   so,

In Jesus Fascinating name,   ~amen.


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