Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Valley Gardener ( jacquie williams courtright!)

very fun to observe the owner of alden lane nursery, and the valley gardener herself, being filmed for her program on our local tv 30

and she did graciously allow me to snap a picture before filming began.   I let her know, that only moments before that,

I had asked one of our younger customers,  after taking a picture of her with her mom, in front of the bear, I asked,  "can you please give this bear a name.  I think it needs a name, and whatever you say it is..   write now...   that's what it will be."

and, catlyn is her name, and she said, "Ralph."

so, there you have it.   "Introducing Ralph!  The Christmas Bear of Alden Lane"   -seen here with Jacquie Williams Courtright

"Merry Christmas!"



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