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WHAT A FIRST KISS! learns (me!) sandra, tvgp

there have been a number of times ive heard my Charlie rose speak of his regret.   And that regret, is that..   here he has interviewed and filmed how many people over the years?   thousands!  he is a master level interviewer/conversationalist, and yet

"i never interviewed my own parents."   and he wishes he would have recorded their stories; and if he had to do it over again...   he would.


in this same way.  I didn't write thousands of How They Met stories, but I did write dozens.  And yet..  when it comes to my mom and her husband now of 30 years.

well, I never really asked how they met.    And of the long list of things I'm grateful for, and treasured about this recent Thanksgiving

(save room for pictures here)

I'm super grateful they shared their How They Met Story.   /and without asking permission first..
I'm going to share it with you:

Go back 30+ years of course, and my mom is 43/44 years old, and has been divorced for some healthy amount of time, and is dating someone new

Rick is, 35/36 years old, he's divorced, and is also dating someone new..

but on the dance floor of the Peppertree in Hayward, even though they were dancing with different people; they would occasionally lock eyes with each other.    that's the prelude.

Rick knew he would not marry the person he was dating.  And ditto for my mom; she knew it wouldn't last with person she was dating.   

Fast forward a little here, and    -and!

my mom and her sister are at the Peppertree, sitting next to each other at the bar, and apparently my mom was wearing a scarf that had kiss marks all over the design.   

Rick:   "I went up behind her and gave her a kiss on the back of the neck.   not a little peck either..   a slow kiss, and I told her I wished I could give her a kiss everywhere the kiss marks were on her scarf."

(me!):  "You did not.  Are you making this up?"

but, they each re-told the story, and convinced me it was true.  My mom said, she was especially happy because it was one of the first times a man paid attention to her first when she was with her sister.   She was used to men being attracted immediately to her sister.

We have this very much in common.  My sister is the beautiful blond blue-eyed...    but you know what else we have in common:   My mom and her sister are best friends; through thick and thin, through good times and bad; through sickness and health..  til death do them part

and my sister is my best friend for life too.  

anyway..    I understood.

and, then ive never heard of such a precious lie in all my how they met interviews.   my mom, it turns out, was self-conscious and concerned about their age difference.   And Rick was concerned that her concern might terminate a romance that had true potential

so..   well, they were both divorced with children.  My mom, with three young adult children at the time, and Rick with two younger...

so what he did, was..

he kind of made up a story about having a third child, an oldest sibling, a few years older than his younger two.  

his intention was to close the age-gap between them in my mom's mind and eyes.

and I cant remember write here.. how long until the truth was revealed.  but..

apparently his strategy worked and she forgave the untruth he told


this past October they celebrated their 30 year anniversary.


and you know who else is celebrating 30 years very soon

My dad and his wife, Chris.      It fascinates me how their lives paralleled 30 years ago; my parents.

Both my mom and my dad, re-married 30 years ago.  They both married spouses younger than they are.  (is it by 9 years for both of them?)   They both married spouses that had two young children; a boy and a girl.

but, I'm quite interested in learning my dad and Chris' How They Met story also..

its just fun.

the part I do know, is that my dad,   -he told me one hundred times he would never re-marry anyone who had children

then he married a woman with a 3 and 6 year old.

-because that's what love does, doesn't it.   it overrides your every personal vow, your pros/cons lists,
your i'll nevers, and I wonts

and turns them into I will and I do's.


In Jesus' love conquers all name.     Hallelujah and amen!


there you have it; bloggers blessing.  -just had breakfast with my dad, son and daughter at jim's in the raleys shopping center.   turns out, my dad and chris met on a blind date!   -I believe ive been told, but did not retain..

chris had a co-worker friend, that was a friend of my dads friend.. something like that.  and they had been sending chris on a date here and there with no real luck

the way my dad tells it, she went on the blind date with a high level of reluctance.

my dad was in a relationship that was nearing an inevitable end, and with his temporary girlfriend out of town at the time, he agreed to the blind date

and it was Chris's birthday, and they met at a restaurant in san Francisco, near pier 39.   My dad said there was no immediate chemistry kind of thing, he thought she was nice

but she had two young children, and he had personally vowed not to date someone with young children.   his youngest was a senior in high school at the time, so he had already raised his family

but several months, and a trip to Tahoe later, over the 4th of july

/which, my dad winks here to mention.. was their 3rd date

and they started to bond.   by may of the following year, they were married, and now are celebrating their 30th anniversary in a matter of months.

chris is 13 years my dad's junior, and he says, its like two generations apart the way their birthdays fall.  so, the music, movies, culture from my dad's youth..     hold no sentimental value for Chris   -and Chris's no special value to my dad.  "We are opposites in every way!"  he says..   and I know that's true politically to be sure

and sport~ically.   and musically.    and with movies..     and books...    and tv shows...

they really are opposites.     but you know the one thing they do have in common:

Jesus.   -both Christian.

and I'm just gonna go ahead and Thank You God for that write here.



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