Saturday, November 26, 2016

master merchandiser by day.. rock star by night (john dell!)

treat to learn one of my co-worker friends is a vocalist/guitarist in a rock n roll band:

and, had the great pleasure of watching his band perform live last night at, what was a new brewery to me

and alex

it's called, Eight Bridges.     -very cool space..    and, turns out Alex is a sprite/water drinker, but


I love the hops!   so,  -gave their hoppy salvation a try, and when I visit in the future,   I will order just the same.    Pairs very well with live music!

and, nothing but praises for heart stone's lead singer, Samantha Vaughn..  

I told alex, "if I could let it out like that...  I would never write again."   and, the whole band is what you hope for..

talent; chemistry; joy  -you can hear those things in the guitars, drums..  and what a range!   Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Pink Floyd to Blondie and Bruno Mars.. 

You were awesome John!   -great to see you live.    wonderful band!

and, when it comes to dancin' I need the Motown sound; the groove..  so I didn't get out on the dance floor

but there was a lady off to the side, dancing alone, all..     just lost in the music.   I told Alex, if I was not self-conscious, I would get out there too.   just make up some moves..     it's inside me.

but, I prefer to blend in with a crazy crowd.   and the other woman who seemed to respond to the music in a wonderful way..   jumping, moving, taking pictures..    singing along

turns out she is the lead singers mom.    Samantha told us, "My mom has that kind of energy 24/7.  I only have it when I'm performing on stage."

and, "Thank You!" Alex for checking out John's band, and this new brewery with me..

does make me all dreamy about having live music and handcrafted beer at Alden Lane...

love the outdoor venues!     -as a matter of fact..  I was just looking at Alden Lane's parking lot..  like, what an awesome space for a tailgate party...

In Jesus Musical Name,  ~amen!


heartstone rocked again at R-place in livermore..    the very next night.   and, coincided with one of rick cahalls visits to the tri-valley from Tahoe..

they played til 1am, or something, longer than we could stay, but!  had we..   I would have cheered for an encore of the ooh, la, la paris song

I have to work hard to keep myself off the dance floor for that one.

and very Pleasanton surprise to cross paths with..   "Shinn!"      -the cerebral hyperlinks here are many..       1.  purple heart veteran     2.  my only two part profile ever written for the patch    3.the only mother/daughter profile link, because my daughter interviewed him also     3. the veterans day parade     4.   -and how the patch profile I wrote,  as it is internet searchable,  helped put him back in touch with a long lost brother..

he had a friend to visit, so didn't join us at our high top, but   -always a spirit lifter to see him..

and speaking of friends,

  Rick had a friend to say hi to at mavericks in Pleasanton    -but,

don't you know, we somehow

honestly I have no idea how conversations take the twists and turns they do, but, ice cream got mentioned, and then I got to go on and on again about how, after going without ice cream for decades it feels like,

I learned about the soy ice cream at creams in Livermore..    "and I can eat ice cream again!  I am so, so, happy!"

and so, we parked for this quick side attraction...   cold and raining out, but didn't matter...   perfect for ice cream

then off to mavericks where I met one of his long time friends of 30+ years mary kay..    an outstanding country line, and country free dancer    -and a spectacular live band here also..

it is the first place I will bring my aunt betty   Sandra     /that's a hard but important change to implement..

when she comes for her next visit.   She loves the country music and dancing!     don't know if we can talk her onto the mechanical bull..      bad back,

but   -good dancing feet!     and I smile here to remember her at barones..     dancing with the biggest smile on her face..    "i have a blister on my foot, but I cant feel it write now"

drink + live music + dancing  =  Band-Aid


church soon, and cookie-bakin' prep for my mom's upcoming  32nd (?) annual cookie exchange party.   so have to close here

feel very blessed and grateful

"Thank You!" Jesus..           amen


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