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Speaking of Jon Stewart and the Daily Show.. (me!) sandra, tvgp

the inspiration for this encore post, originally posted in 5/4/2011, is his recent interview with my Charlie rose..    

but the timing!   I literally just sent an email to Fran Reisner, of Pleasanton's Housing Department regarding affordable living spaces.

i'm not saying this is a sign..       

"that's TWO signs!"

anyway, I do love re-living/remembering....

JON STEWART MEET TARYN KAY by (me!) writeousmom

it's too soon to tell what my daughter might become. a fashion designer, a writer, the second female mayor of pleasanton, or the first female president of the united states

but neither will i rule out that she might become her generations jon stewart

please join us in the bedroom, where last night, we happened across a very heated city council meeting on our local tv channel 30

my kind of prime time tv!

now, i don't spend much time on local politics (obviously, or we wouldn't have all the problems that we do, write), so i just did my best to briefly explain to my daughter what all the fuss was about:

in short..

pleasanton is required -by law- to create some more affordable housing (synonyms for affordable housing = high density housing, and/or low income housing, and/or apartments, and/or rentals, and/or "you know, those people")

and my first point was to explain, that without a mandate by law, a large percentage of pleasanton residence would probably not vote to do such a thing of their own free will,

and that's too long a story, so let's keep movin..

apparently, the big debate now is over where these affordable housing units will be developed. -and there is a large group of residents, "already carrying over 40% of the burden " -of low income housing, so.. DO NOT ADD ANY MORE HERE

everyone seems to agree, as do i, that affordable housing should be spread equally throughout the city, and not concertrated in one area

only, as i'm sure you've probably guessed, no one wants affordable housing next to them . low income people don't seem to want other low income people for neighbors because... i'm not sure why exactly, but i do know why the -what shall we call them... financially secure, home owners don't want low income shelter renters next to them .. property value.

and i did go into just a brief *schpeil about the very high importance some pleasanton residence place on "property value" -because its been my experience that very little importance is placed on people value in comparison; like none..

i said, "honey, i know some people that don't care whether a mass murderer moves in next door to them, just as long as their moving in doesn't negatively effect the resale value of their property -and, if that mass murderer can INCREASE the value of their property... open arms, welcome to our neighborhood

on the other hand, honey, if they didn't know mother teresa (and, even if they did), they'd turn down a saint, if it meant a reduction in the resale value of their home

i wish i was exaggerating


then you know i had to go into one about home owners associations; confess my prejudices.. but i'll spare you that soapbox too..


let me just cut here to the comedy...

the other thing that concerns a certain percentage of pleasanton residence is -aesthetics.

very important to keep things pretty...

how pretty you ask?

well, there is a percentage of residence who are appalled by the idea that anyone might be able to see "high density housing units" from the freeway, when you drive past, or into, or as you exit, -pleasanton-

and at first my daughter just had to confirm with me what she was hearin'

"yes.. you got it, honey..," i said, "he wants to make sure no one will see apartments from the freeway..."

well, she went write into one of her routines...

sat up straight, and pretended to be driving a car, with children in the back seat

"oh my God! children... cover your eyes! cover your eyes! there's... there's... apartments!"

and then she pretended to be crying... all upset at the damage this would cause.

and what could i do but laugh 'til i cried, and encourage her to keep going...


so, next i explained how grateful i am to God, to john.. that her and her brother are being raised here, -in such a beautiful place, with such a wonderful school district, etc.

and i have to acknowledge the differences between this city and the city i grew up in.. the difference in safety, aesthetics, schools, activities, on and on and on..


when i observe certain behaviors... and i overhear certain conversations...

i just think to myself

the societal "burden" of low income housing units, vs. the societal "burden" of the arrogance, superiority and entirely misplaced value system i see with a percentage of the wealthy residence here...

it's worth taking a closer look at

what does and does not contribute to the overall beauty, health & well being of our communties.



gave my daughter a homework assignment: tape and watch at least 3 episodes of jon stewart's, the daily show

-comedians are liberated in a way governments can never enjoy

and can reach people, open eyes and ears -help people laugh at their own insanity

and inspire the change

we need laws to enforce.


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