Tuesday, November 29, 2016

did he just say... nomenclature?! asks (me!) sandra, tvgp

so, I was watchin' the Warriors claim victory in another very exciting game last night, and..

"did he just say..     nomenclature?"    -like; who uses this word on the streets...   no one.  so it stood out.   and I wondered..     he must have invested in those increase your vocabulary tape cassetts like I did a hundred years ago..    

constant quest for personal growth.  and, so, during my life threatening commutes to and from college, I would pop one in

"accouterment."     oh, I loved that one.    still use it to this very day.   like, just yesterday I said to my mom,

"thank you for the use of your kitchen, and all your baking accouterments."

I didn't say I use it correctly; but I do use it.   and I prefer my own pronunciation to the one on the tape.   they say,  accou -ter-  ments.    I prefer,  accou -tre-   ments.   

-tomato; to~motto.     anyway..   I did just spend 5 plus hours in my mom's kitchen.  yes, (me!).  

prelude to her  32nd (?) annual cookie exchange party.    and "thank you!" here to anne, I got myself some two-handed, five shapes at a time, lean n' roll, cookie cutters

and, I cant say anymore than that.   recipes; packaging; details;

everything is top secret until the day of the cookie exchange party.   only my mom knows the secrets, because you have to call in your recipe to her, and this way she avoids any duplicates

I guess technically, if you call in a recipe, and she says, no..  you have to pick something else;

technically, you then know someone's recipe..  cookie type.   but..

anyway, i'm very excited.   proud of my cookies..  in the freezer write now, waiting for final creative touches the night before

and, more details later, but there will be drinking, games & prizes! ..    this is no ordinary cookie exchange party I promise you.      -pictures from 2014:


look how far off track I got.   -back to the warrior game

lots of the time, I'm so involved in watching the actual players and plays, I don't really consciously hear the sportscasters commentary

but, exactly because he used the word,  nomenclature

it jumped up and out at me

so,   hey keeshie..

here's another fun fact about   TRIPLE DOUBLES

apparently the phrase "entered the  nomenclature   during Magic Johnson's legendary career"

/but if we didn't at first even understand what a triple double was..

how?!  would we understand nomenclature

which I believe, should be pronounced,

I mean, if you are going to use it all, it should be pronounced, nomen~culture.     that makes more since don't you agree?

why doesn't anyone ask (me!) first...


In,  Jesus...  vocabulary ..     I sure love words like, hallelujah!   name.  amen!   


At 5:00 PM, Blogger Karin Montgomery said...

Oh my! It's exhausting being a new die hard fan and learn the game and vocabulary ALL at the same time!!! 😂
Love ,


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