Thursday, December 01, 2016

A SPOILED ROTTEN BLOGGER LIVES HERE. dreams (me!) sandra, tvgp

so, I was eavesdropping on this conversation recently,

and let me just pause here to tell you, I mastered the art of eavesdropping during my wine goddess days, when I was pouring wines at local wineries in the beautiful tasting rooms.

this art, I mastered; it was not for any ill intention at all.   I specifically learned to eavesdrop

-not to learn any private/gossipy information, but rather, I eavesdropped with the intention of pleasantly surprising the wine-tasting guests

so, for example,

well, I just paid attention.  that's what I actually did; not eavesdropping.  I paid attention.   -from across the room...

so that when a customer mentioned not liking this white wine, but really liking this specific red.

I listened.

then, I would show up to serve the next wine on the given flight, and I might say,

"... would you like an encore tasting of the barbera?"    -because I had paid attention, that they responded to that given wine,

but, oh!  the surprised expression and response

the eyebrows tilt in, like,   how did you know, and then, "Yes!"

I took a certain personal pride in delightfully surprising the guests.


and I keep my accomplishments up my sleeves for the most part, but

I did receive the only A+ in a listening test given at Chabot college many years ago.


and it is this skill specifically that inspires this post:  listening.

and what I heard, was this husband & wife, talking to neighbors they encountered in the store.   -and how they were headed on a cruise...     amazing cruise..    weeks!  not days..


I will skip the details of the cruise, because the point is not the cruise.  the point is what they were going to do with their dogs while they were away

I mean,


a very special, elite and expensive hotel for dogs...    not just 3 walks a day, but



you know, to help them with the stress of the absence of their parent/owners...

and apparently there is a wonderful doggie playground,

and some very   -?-     special dog foods and treats..

I could not believe my ears!

and of course, I got to thinkin'

   -well, ive mentioned before how Pleasanton is like the dog capital of California, but this!

and I just day-dreamed for a bit..



if I could only be their dog.

and I re-thought what ive thought about before:


they do not contribute to the household income.
they do not do dishes or laundry.
they do not clean up after themselves.
they do not grocery shop.   or cook.

they just get so cared for...

so loved.    and,

on the occasions they destroy the house, and make a great big mess...

the owners just blame themselves for being away too long.


I said earlier I wanted a literary agent for Christmas, but really,

ive changed my mind.

I just wanna be someone's pet.

In,   if Jesus had a dog..   what breed and what would be its name...       name.    amen! 


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