Monday, February 11, 2008

THE SECRET ROPE discovered by (my children!)

i would love to tell you where this is.. but i'm sworn to secrecy.

after church sunday, and before sue tasker's memorial service, my children invited me to come see them swing on "the secret rope"

we are blessed to have many manicured green belts, manufactured parks & playgrounds here in pleasanton.. but this is the best place i've seen so far -natural, heavenly, peaceful-

close but with a far away feel

and some kind person with a loving heart tied a nice thick rope to a spectacular and tall tree allowing children who dare, to swing amongst the trees over a sparkly brook -birds singin', squirrels scatterin', kids playin'

those swing sets at the park, with chains and seats over bark or sand; just can't compare

-to taking turns anchoring one foot in the loop at the bottom of the rope, holding on tight with both hands, and..

letting go -gently flying back n' forth over rocks and water.. insect suprises all around

-to the trickiness of the one-footed landing when your turn was over. -to the tip-toe stop on the small dirt hill, the balancing and racing to get your other foot out of the loop before the weight of your body and momentum of swing took you for an extra ride

nothing but smiles as i watched the near misses.. false landings

"catch me taryn!" jack would beg laughing.. "help!"

and so taryn would grab jack with both arms, skid down the hill just shy of getting her feet wet, and help him unleash his foot from the loop

she had her own, independent, exit strategy, increasing each time the speed with which she could get her foot out of the loop.. but this took a few entertaining tries to master

when not fast enough, a huge smile would emerge, and she was forced to swing a couple more times over the creek singin' "my arms are tired!" until she could get a landing solid enough to make her magician-like escape

everything about it was fun and magical;

peaceful and beautiful

"i could stay here all day," jack said "this is my happiest place"

"don't go tellin' everyone about this mommy," taryn said, "this is our secret place, okay"

"okay" i said smilin'

and i watched and smiled and prayed.. took some pictures of course

and wished a place and time like this for every child in the whole wide world

then at sue's memorial, i met her daughters for the first time. three strong, beautiful, obviously loving young ladies, and i loved hearing the memories, the adventures they shared with their mom; the memories, adventures they shared as a family. she took a lot of pictures too

she wrote about a lot of wonderful things, i thought to myself ...

and did a lot of things wonderfully write

so shall we.

Friday, February 01, 2008


it may turn out to be the greatest attended online workshop of all time: a new earth, by eckhard tolle, subtitled: awakening to your life's purpose. AND not only is this oprah's current book club selection, she is offering an online workshop based on this book for FREE! 13 weeks, i believe, of monday night online classes

now i know it would cost an enormous amount to attend this type of workshop in person.. the registration alone.. but add travel/lodging/food..

completely outside of my current budget. but FOR FREE!?! -the likes of OPRAH and ECKHART! you'd have to be a fool to pass this opportunity up! myself.. i practically ran to towne center books; arrived before they even opened. and how lucky am i, because today everything in the store was 25% off. THANKS JUDY! i'm already officially registered at, and will read chapter 1 to-night!

you know i think of inspiration as a nutrient as important to our souls as water is to our bodies: 8 servings a day! -and this is like top of the line vitamin water- i plan to fill my cup every monday night, and sip on it throughout the week


do kathy cordova and jim ott know about this? -i must find out...