Monday, April 30, 2018

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Friday, April 27, 2018


such a wonderful visit with friends yesterday..  and I want to pull out a piece of our conversation  -because one of my friends is battling a health crisis..    

he mentioned the commercial that is being aired on tv frequently currently   -I believe it is for an insurance company (?)  but, the message  'life can change in an instant'

and my friend, healthy one day, and in the hospital the next..  he was explaining how:

ive always kind of known that is true..  but I KNOW IT now  

and the upshot of this KNOWLEDGE:

a deeper appreciation for every loved one and everyday life.


to myself I thought..   yes..   ive carried this knowledge   -not at the -kind of-   level.. but at the KNOWING level; my entire life it seems..

and it may explain why I seem to enjoy, appreciate, celebrate, love, etc. at the consistent level I do.  less time/energy for anything petty..

"Thank You!" Jesus..     amen.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

"thank you!" mr mcmillion from (me!) sandra, tvgp

(me!):    "no way..  that's a fun name,  -really?   McMillion"    /because I was sliding his credit card through the machine, and I often read names to find them first in the customer data base.

mr mcmillion customer:   "yes..   and my friends like to joke and call me mr. thousands"

(me!):  "that's just funny..  what's the origin?"

mr mcmillion customer:  "Irish"

(me!)  "  wonderful!   ~those are my people.."

mr mcmillion customer:  "you are Irish.."

(me!):   "yes..  and you know how I know...  it's not because I did a 23 and me, or anything.. or genealogy..     I know i'm part irish because I started drinking beer and writing poetry at a young age"

mr mcmillion customer:   laughs.    "I'm having my history researched..   turns out I have some (?)  /can't remember first thing he told me..       and Indian..

(me!)  "that seems like a cool thing to get to learn..   enjoy this gorgeous day"


  -and forgive me..   but, I don't take it as seriously..   and ive met a number of people now who have traced their origins through dna..      send a sample/receive results via mail.

not one person has ever questioned...  

so, I guess everyone assumes 100% accuracy on the part of the system/process/results..

but, ive worked in many places..     100% accuracy is pretty hard to come by

and I joke with my kids, like..       I swear to you, people put so much faith in the system/results, that they could be obviously one thing  (say, physically, obviously  -Asian,   but if there paper work says, they are African American and Indian,    -that is what they believe they are.  period.

this fascinates me.   and sends my mind on another one of those..    what it means to believe..


also,  -because of inter-racial, international, global love/romances/one night stands, etc.  between already blended ethnicities..      this will become less and less significant, important over time..

who you are..    how you identify yourself...      what you're made of...

fast forward a few scores in your imagination and tell me how important this is:

i'm .03 Mexican, .007 irish..   .5 African American   .7 Italian      8.  .12 indian     9.  .18 Chinese

.3 Polish       etc.,  etc.,

"so, you are all that?"

"yes.. i'm all that..   and then some"     /according to this paper...

CH:  I am many things...


In, Jesus only knows..    name,    amen.

Monday, April 23, 2018

"Sue-Sue.. She'll Remember!" for (me!) sandra, tvgp

niles blvd. Fremont, ca.    oh!  the cerebral hyperlinks are too many..  my brother's band.. of course!  but, cut to:

because.. Anthony and I..   accidentally went the wrong direction on 84..   gorgeous mistake!  breathtaking..  Calaveras drive this time of year..

and eventually, we turned around..   found our correct way to the Florence bar, where my rockstar co-worker friend's band was performing..

but.. Calaveras...   Calaveras...

sue-sue..  isn't this where we rescued the bleeding-everywhere man who crashed his bike?   and, was it the very same day, we rescued the senior citizen who was lost?

I know you'll remember better than (me!)..   but what I told Anthony

"we completely justified our skipping school that day...   I mean, how much more important that we saved lives than sat in a closed room being lectured and tested   -write"

"to memories!"   cheers friend...      comment section reserved for you

love & blessings   xoxo

...lemon drops... horatios... window seat... san leandro, ca

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Matthew 18:3 as interpreted by (me!) ~ writeousmom

Newest Addition to my Autographed Book Collection inscribed to (me!) sandy


does anyone remember how I said..   long, long ago..   time is the best editor of them all; how, if you just let time pass..    an organic editing takes place..  and novels turn to short stories; short stories turn to chapters; chapters turn to paragraphs; paragraphs to sentences, until so much time passes that even those few sentences turn to bullet points:


* met leonard stegmann when he was working for Comcast and came to my (then) Pleasanton home to film commercial.

* re-connected when he sent an email, introducing his blog

* read and responded to his blog for 9 years

*  9 years of posts/comments unpublished when he began publishing via amazon

* friendship  -which is almost exclusively online/blogs/email, ... continues...

and I am so very grateful his wife, AKA: Spike, saved his life..     I often think his entertaining blog posts, and him introducing me to blogs,  helped save mine..

"Thank You!   Squidmann & Spike!"      from (me!)   ~sandy cheeks

adding to my lucky numbers: 19 (sexy & tops anniversary!)

..because, it was on the 19th of November, 2017...
we agreed to see each other exclusively

/a divine and genius idea if there ever was one...  
she says with a great big smile

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

hot date, romantic weekend (me!) ~tops. and (my sexy!)

Monday, April 16, 2018

Christian Generosity, Sanskrit Karma as viewed by (me!) sandra, tvgp

The hindu and Buddhist name it karma. I think on the whole, people, including seculars and Christians, are more familiar with the term karma; have more exposure to it..  exactly because it is a two-syllable word which translates into a larger meaning/definition.   -and you already know the definition of karma don't you..

The Christians do not have a two-syllable word which encapsulates

but the same principle is definitely in the Bible    -and two, out of how many examples can be found:

Luke 6:38,   2 Corinthians 9:6-7,

To my understanding though, there are distinctions..

karma  -includes reap/reward for past lives in current life

Christians  -current life, generosity/selfishness, in proportion to an individuals acts/deeds; but not just acts/deeds..   motivations/intentions behind acts/deeds..   so you can give, but if it is done without a pure heart, without a joyful, generous heart... if you are giving to manipulate, to be seen, etc.      so, Biblically,  -the heart always factors in; over and over..

and I do believe that is how I've written it, described it, on several occasions  "our God is a God of hearts"

but, on the whole..   I have come to believe karma/generosity/selfishness    -also a spiritual law:

spiritual law = something which applies to all of humanity; not a given faith, or seculars.. but everyone  

and remember, fruits of the spirit; these are   -spiritual laws

In Jesus', heart was always in his givings',    name,    amen.


and what did Jesus give, to who, for what reason...        this is very affirming; very enlightening.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

SILVER MEDAL! idea.. provided to (me!) sandra, tvgp

-k..  you know I give THE BEST MUSIC/SONG/LYRIC MIX EVER!  to, whoever came up with the idea to play/mix john mayer's two songs

foreground:  your body is a wonderland
background/mixed in:  my stupid mouth    I'm never speaking up again, i'll use my hands..

   I mean..  wow to that..  genius!


and, you know I work with a rock star  -write.    and, last time I saw them perform, john dell did a remarkable, a wonderful..   creep by radiohead   wish I was special

and, then, that was the first song I heard on my way to work yesterday..  and shortly after, I heard

pretenders, brass in pocket song..     i'm special, so special, gotta have some of your attention.. give it to me..


i'm just certain.. blended correctly, artistically..   like the above mentioned GOLD WINNER..

we could easily have a SILVER MEDAL winner here...   with john dell/Samantha Vaughn..

no, not silver... this is a GOLDEN opportunity...


and I shared the idea with john..   /although I thought it was pat benatar, I'm special song.. now I know, pretenders..brass in pocket song   and that's all I can do.       amen.

Tuesday. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

note:  experiencing technical difficulties uploading pictures from my phone.   we move then, to text without my fun photos:


I am not, by nature or habit, the type that changes clothes 12 times before I decide what i'm going to wear for the day   -when it comes to work.   a different story, perhaps, when i'm going out somewhere with my sexy..  but for work

what's clean?   grab a pair of jeans..  find clean socks..   a warm top..   the alden lane denim shirt covers almost everything anyway.. plus i'll need a jacket..   and so,  -this/that, and off I go..

but Tuesday, I tossed on the closest pair of clean jeans I could grab, a top, etc...   and then I received..  what can only be described as a  -prompting.        I was prompted to change which pants I was going to wear for the day..

prompted to take off the jeans I had on, and instead, put on my black textured pants..     there is no explanation for why I would need to do this..    nor, was there any valid reason for me to ignore the prompting, so I just honored it.    off with the jeans/on with the black textured pants..  no big deal.

-when I went to place chapstick in my back pocket, I discovered, to my Pleasanton surprise, there  was some money in there, I had obviously forgotten about..    so I pulled it out, and counted it

a $5, and a few $1's..

I had two errands to run that same day  -the cleaners, to pick up some clothes I had altered, and a package to send in the mail

you do not even have to guess, that the amount of money in the pocket, was the EXACT amount I needed to cover the cost of the cleaners and mail.

so..   I just smile toward the heavens, because you can only experience these things, and -know..


and on this day, I i-spied my lucky number on a license plate during my drive, and I re-i-spied the heart, I do every time I drive 580..    and just smile..      smile, with quick little telepathic winks write back to heaven...

and then there was another...   prompting; an instant awareness...   "Yes!"

   -because, only very occasionally I have  -extra-  time to get to work..   a little wiggle room, which will allow me say, 5 minutes, to pop into my favorite donut shop in Pleasanton, and get my "maple bar with the most icing"

and the big "YES" I was experiencing was two-fold..     yes, I had enough time to stop in, without being late for work, and!   "YES!" again, because

I am wearing my alden lane shirt with MY NAME TAG!    

and I just knew... KNEW!  especially after the pants prompt..   the lucky number on my license plate.. the heart seen on the side of the hill..

this is the day the Lord has made...   for me to be "Sandra" at the donut shop...     of course!  all the planets are aligning, as the saying goes..

  -because, for how many visits now, over how many years..     have I been greeted, by the very kind and gracious...  /owner?   I think he is the owner..      /and, confession here that I don't know HIS name..

but, for how many visits?    "Hi Lisa...   "    -and he will ask if I want my maple bar, or, if i'm getting a box to share...

and,  why, I cannot explain..    but, I've just never been able to find whatever it is you need to find within yourself to correct someone when they get your name wrong

I have never, not once, said..   "oh my name is Sandra, ..."      it is the silliest thing to me..   how simple would it be..

but anyway, I just usually say thank you, wish them all a blessed day, and carry on..

but TODAY!   -obviously God has pre-set the whole thing up, so that, without   -saying it, without having to verbalize it...

now, the owner (?)    -whose name I do not know..

he will know my correct name, because i'm going to walk in with my alden lane shirt and NAME TAG

and I adjusted it so it was very visible and pronounced on my shirt,  as I was driving toward the donut shop...

and when I pulled into the parking lot..    the owner(?)... (name?)  he was walking IN THE PARKING LOT

   -AWAY! from the donut shop..

going where?   for what?   I have no idea...  but,

this is the ONE & ONLY TIME, ive ever not seen him behind the counter inside the donut shop

and the ONE & ONLY TIME..  I was prepared with my name tag:   SANDRA

and in these moments..

I end up doing the exact same thing as the other prompted moments

I just glance up at heaven and smile and wink back.

laugh my amen..    thoroughly enjoy my donut...   and carry on.

In Jesus,  directs my every steps, and I do know HIS name...     hallelujah, - amen.

***   CH =  names;  Sinking Heart  ***   Tuesday = self portrait poem

Thursday, April 05, 2018

..passing along some pretty.. & good news (me!) sandra, tvgp

pretty good news to pass along

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

"Happy Birthday!" -so glad you were born.. from (me!) sandra, tvgp

type Maya Angelou in the search bar of this blog.    -cerebral hyperlinks galore...

Tuesday, April 03, 2018