Tuesday, December 31, 2013

AKA: THE TAMPON QUEEN (me!) Sandra, tvgp

This is how I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN: ..because my appetite always skyrockets! With great predictability.. Actually all my appetites increase, but for the purposes of this post I will stick to my appetite for food: "I'm not going to be able to wait an entire 5 minutes for my pizza.. How much for a bag of those chips?". And fortunately I had the exact amount of change in my back pocket that I would need for the chips. Which I inhaled while I waited for my slice of New York.. "Sandra? Did you order .... Did you order... Combination? Not a vegetarian?". -breaking my 10 year trend, but I'll save that explanation for another time also. I want to bring you into the bathroom with me, where sure enough.. My scarlet gift arrived. -and now I'm about to use quotation marks because even though I was alone in the bathroom.. I do talk out loud. As I've mentioned before, my toggle switch is broken. So I go like, "really? Write now? But I just had my period!? How could I... It's only been.. Since the 15th!" and I'm not going to use quotation marks here because, -thank God- I don't actually hear a voice talking back to me, but rather a thought entered my brain that went like this: ~welcome to peri-menopause~. /which I've actually been experiencing to some degree, but has kicked into a new gear apparently. EVERY BATHROOM SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE A STASH OF EMERGENCY TAMPONS (and, as i will learn... Pads too). -k-, but this bathroom does not. Action plan: check purse and then car for tampons: -nothing - .. But I work with almost all females.. Surely to God one of them has.... turns out not one of them?! has a tampon in their purse?! -and this is where Anne compassionatley, generously offered me a... A... A pad. And even though it is against my nature to ever be anything but grateful for anything given to me.. I had to politely and as graciously as I could: decline. -that went something like this: "thank you so much, but.. Are you kidding me? Who wears pads anymore? They make me feel like I'm in a western.. I just can't do it.". Cortney got my reference immediately, started laughing, but it was lost on the others until she did an imitation of a John Wayne type walking through saloon doors.. Which got me laughing pretty hard. Now, you must realize here that I'm bleeding with no protection during this survey I had to take.. Honestly.. That whole "boxers vs. Briefs" question that was popular a while back is a complete bore compared to "pads or tampons?". -fascinating! And we know which parade I march in, which sent me on an emergency drive to walgreens. And there was no time to dilly-dally.. I went straight to the aisle.. Searched through the anyway.. There is a lot to wade through.. A variety of prices, a variety of brands, a variety of sizes (light, regular, super.. Combination of light and regular.. Or regular and super.. You can't buy anything anymore without feeling attacked by the selection.. But I grabbed a box of something.. And speed walked to the register.. And then speed walked back to the bathroom.. Which was locked of course.. So speed walked back to the register.. Checking the floor for blood spills.. Got permission.. Heard the "customer service needed end of aisle 3" over the loud speaker.. Speed walked back to the bathroom where the bathroom guard unlocked the secret vault.. And.. Have you ever been to the mystery spot in Santa Cruz? If you have you'll know immediately what I'm talking about.. But if you haven't.. Just go visit the bathroom at walgreens.. Where everything you've ever learned about gravity is suddenly in question... Everything from the mirror to the paper towel holder is tilted at an unnatural angle.. It's like a hangover without alcohol, so after I got my bearings.. At last! I could now prevent blood spilling all over my clothes and the floor and still walk [yes! HERES MY FEEDBACK!!!! YOUR F'N 'SEND FEEDBACK POP UP BUBBLE IS BLOCKING MY PAGE AND WON'T GO AWAY! REMOVE IT! SO I CAN SEE WHAT IM TYPING!] -where was I? Ah yes.. I really can't imagine why any female wouldn't prefer a tampon over a pad.. You can't even tell you're wearing anything. It's like the most convenient, comfortable, method of protection to date... And besides.. You dont have to have on underwear to wear one! So please add to my "I'm thankful I have so much to be thankful for" list: tampons. Especially when I consider my mom and grandmom's generation who had to use actual wash rags and safety pins...

Friday, December 27, 2013

WriteousMom Bragging writes.. Handpainted by (taryn!)

Newest addition to my giraffe collection.. And a wonderful Christmas gift surprise!

The Heart Seen.. At the (pleasanton ridge!) By (me!) WriteousMom

Fun hike too...

WHAT TURNS (me!) ON.. Sandra, tvgp

Have you ever seen the actual look on a mans face.. His expression.. His eyes.. When he sees a naked lady? I remember a long, long, time ago a male friend of mine staring at a certain centerfold.. When he looked at it, it lit him up like.. The way I might light up when I first open a box of sees nuts and chews. But when I looked at the centerfold; nothing. Like.. Well it all reminded me also of when some guy.. A long, long, time ago.. Slowly, proudly, opened the hood of his car.. He looked at the engine as if it were more precious and rare than a flawless diamond and then looked at me.. And then directed me via gesture to "behold!" what I stood in front of and had the great honor of privately viewing.. I think he was searching for some sort of awe in my eyes, but instead he got blanks. And all of that, that you just read is just prelude to explain.. In a very ineffienct way.. What turns me on: besides my handsome prince in all his monthly calendar poses.. (december! Wow!) .. Skin, and flesh, for sure... Of course... A good cologne.. No doubt... But what really turns me on, lights me up, fuels my fire.. "PAPER!". -that's write. Not diamonds.. Not fancy cars.. "Pretty papers". .. Designer papers, stickers, little cute ribbons, buttons, embellishments, die cuts.. And all the equipment that helps me make paper crafts.. Big screen tv? Surround sound? I could not care less... $20 worth of designer paper... A new die cut machine... Paper cutters.. Sexy See through organizers! Font stickers! STAMPS! INK PADS! .. I feel my heart rate excellerating.. My pupils dialating... My breathing more rapid.. Just yesterday I was with Michael.. I'm sorry, I meant of course, I was -at- michaels. (please note that the two most popular stores to shop in for paper craft products have masculine names. -and plural: Michaels. Richards. -there is one feminine: Joanne. But she is more about fabric than paper.. But guess what? Guess what! GUESS WHAT!?... If my prayers continue to be answered.. And there is every indication that they will.. We can soon add one more masculine plural name to the list: "Ricks Picks in Pleasanton!" -it is in the discussion, proposal, -prove it can turn a profit- phase write now.. But I'm pretty confident by February 2014.. You are going to be in my paper craft workshop learning how to make a gift box full of fortune cookies using the valentine themed designer papers! With cute love notes and good fortunes inside! .. And heart garland! And romantic candle decorations! And heart shaped origami! And.. Let us not forget... "mag time love frames!" "thank you Jesus! ..and Rick!". -amen.

Monday, December 23, 2013

PUBLIC "THANK YOU'S!" From (me!) Sandra, tvgp

To Megan... For the newest handpainted addition to my giraffe collection..  Beautiful! I love it!  To Rick.. For our very fun, delicious Christmas staff dinner and entertaining bowling experience.. And ricks picks bucks bonus... To Anne..  For the very thoughtful and generous gift of Christmas ornaments... To carol for the perfect size Christmas tree...  To my friends and family for the cards and pictures and baked goods..  To my handsome prince for the anniversary flowers and help with Christmas shopping... To all the ricks picks customers for their Christmas spirit... To john, in advance for hosting Christmas...  To Catherine for the most amazing fudge!  To Pastor Mike and my centerpointe church family for celebrating and reminding us about the true meaning of Christmas...    In Jesus name...    "Thank you!". -amen

Thursday, December 19, 2013

The heart seen ...at ricks picks.. Pleasanton..

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The heart seen.. In my chips..

For my HPH from (me!) your BBW

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

WriteousMom Bragging writes: Christmas poem by (taryn!)

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Holiday spirits by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

"Small" by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Friday, December 13, 2013

"Them here... is (me!) American poetry boots..."

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The blend spend... By (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

PATTERNS OF CREATIVE BEHAVIOR for (me!) sandra, tvgp

"sure. i'd be delighted!" "I've got a great idea!" "what the hell have i gotten myself into?" "I'm NEVER! -N.E.V.E.R.! signing up for something like this again.. EVER!" "All done. Here you go." "sure.. i'd be delighted..

Monday, December 09, 2013

Look who's ice skating at ricks picks.. By (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Puts the "Happy" in my Holiday.. (Catherine teeter!) And look..

Gary Winters tree is back in Tully's!   Xoxo

Mom's 28th (plus..) Annual Christmas Cookie Exchange!


Oh! I don't have a way to link it for you... But go to YouTube and type in: God Grew Tired Of Us Is Santa In The Bible to see the whole scene..love and laughter and Wonder and delight! And see the whole movie as your Christmas present to yourself.. Remarkable documentary! God Never Stops Shining...

Saturday, December 07, 2013

The heart seen... In my closet... Sandra, tvgp

The heart seen... By (carla graci!) On her kitchen floor

Friday, December 06, 2013

ANT. A poem by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

I was sitting on the toilet. When I saw a little ant. "I want to let you live... -but I can't!" I watched it heading left. I watched it circle write. I kept that little ant in my sight. "I want to let you live...-but I can't!" Because there is no such thing as -one ant.

Thursday, December 05, 2013


K, so.. You know I have been trying to meet her, close up and personal my whole life it feels like..and 3 or 4 times, the same thing happened.. I write a letter I hope to hand to her.. I bring a book I hope to have signed.. And a camera for the picture I hope to have: Dr Maya Angelou and me! and every time the same thing happens.. I show up.. See her in the distance.. Listen in awe to her every word.. Laugh, smile, cry, smile... Look to whoever is on my left, or write, in front or in back of me.. "can you even stand how wonderful she is? How does she do that? Make everyone feel so valuable, like it's ok to be the human we are.." and that absolutely incomparable combination of voice, presence, content.. It is a deep down inside kind of pleasure to read her books.. but she must also be SEEN! And ... "everything around her is a silver pool of light.. People who surround her feel the benefit of it... It makes you calm. -She holds you captivated in her palm". <----- lyrics from "suddenly I see" by k.t. Tunstall... The song I dedicate to Dr Maya Angelou and that I can't wait to hear sung live at the firehouse art center by Jessica! In my valentine, slash, black history, slash, Aquarian spirit, slash, presidents day, slash, isn't February the coolest month of the year performance: KISSIN' THE CHOCOLATE BLUES! -where was I? Oh yes! At the San Francisco.. The gorgeous, breath taking San Francisco opera house, waaay up top, balcony front, seat 125, write next to my handsome prince who looked extra handsome, by the way, and who drove us quickly and yet safely there.. I am skipping stories about work, running late, the beautiful bridge.. So I can just get to the part, where even though we were an hour late.. We were safe, secure, and hand in hand, in our seats in time for Dr Maya Angelous presentation.. And "thank you Jesus!" for those giant movie screens that help you see what is too far away to see on stage.. My favorite thing she said this time, was.. How she re-introduced herself.. A member of Glide for years... A member of the San Francisco opera for years.. Poet, author, sister, etc.. "and learning how to be Christian". -and with such humility, humor, and beauty she spoke about how people come up to her and identify themselves as Christians.. And she says, "really?! You're a Christian ...-already!? I'm still learning. I'm practicing.. Everyday I do 75 things wrong and ask for forgiveness...". -something along those lines.. But then came the worst part.. The painful part to see and hear.. It part got lost on me.. But I was pretty sure I heard her say, -'I'm there with you... IN SPIRIT.... In Spirit.. in spirit... i n. s p ... And you know what that means, write.. It meant SHE wasn't -physically- there... Oh dont you hate those words sometimes! -in spirit- so, that cracked my heart open even wider and I just let her presence.. Her words.. Her smile.. Her style.. Enter in and spread around like magic grout, putting my heart back together in a beautiful mosaic.. Looking and feeling even better than it did before the extra cracks... That's what she does. Even in her senior years, even though she is not feeling well and can't physically travel... Still.. "she's got the power to be. The power to give. The power to see! Yeah, yeah, yeah...". -wow. And now I know my motivations for attending the glide 50 celebration were not pure.. The entire event was really to recognize and honor -glide. The amazing co-founder/humanitarians: Reverend Cecil Williams and his equally remarkable wife, Janice mirikitani,.. The countless lives they've touched, saved, help transform.. It is truly an inspiring and rare and wonderful legacy! -and there I was hoping to meet Dr Maya Angelou and Robin Williams (not there at all to my knowledge) -shame on me.. But! -there we were. We were there! Me and my extra handsome prince at the glide 50 celebration in the San Francisco opera house on a spectacularly clear and really beautiful December night.. All dressed up and snuggled next to each other in the seats.. Listening to one amazing testimony after another.. One amazing performer after another..(hey! That's MARTIN from Pride & JOY!) Witnessing these living legends do their thing.. "like a bridge over troubled water...". You can see a list at their website: glide.org... And I was so touched by their love.. On our way back to the car I think I may have proposed to my handsome prince.."wanna get married and help people..". I can't think of a better way to live....

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

MEETING DR MAYA ANGELOU Take 9: by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Smile. Shake hands.. ". ". Meeting Dr Maya Angelou Take 10: "you life'd my whole change...". Meeting Dr Maya Angelou Take 11: hand flowers, candy, ...thank you card.... "I am making you a valentine! On stage! A live performance.. Singing! Dancing! Poetry! Stories! .. To share how much I love you with the world! ..well, with Pleasanton.. We have like about population 70,000.. But it's at the firehouse theatre.. That holds about 243 seats or so...no, 237.. 232 I think it is... But I plan to fill them! So I'm going to share how much I love you with a couple hundred people this February! And of course it would be the most awesome thing in the universe if you could be there! The real YOU... I have Faith ALPHER.. And she has already agreed to be you for me..so you are going to be there..but if YOU YOU could be there...

MEETING ROBIN WILLIAMS Take 5: by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Smile. Shake hands. "it's so amazing! Your body!..............-of work! Your working body... The way your body of works is working..". Meeting Robin Williams, Take 6: smile. Shake. Meeting Robin Williams, Take 7: "you know all those movies you've been in... Well, duh, like of course you would know all the movies you've been in.. You were in them... ". Meeting Robin Williams -just take a picture....

Monday, December 02, 2013


It's the exact same dream I had for the vacant DoMus building in a prior post, but! A. That building is no longer vacant; it's a hardware store... And B. "the former round table pizza building is even better because... ITS ALREADY SET UP FOR OVENS!". ...perfect for my shrinky dink parties.... My dream never dies.. Just changes imaginary locations...