Saturday, January 12, 2008

SHADOW DANCE by (me!) sandra, ttgp

"...i'm every artist ever born, creating without warning. i'm every woman ever born, i'm blessed. i'm loved. i'm cursed. i'm a fool in love with a fisher king; on a quest to quench your thirst." excerpt from revised poem: ~ self portrait.

the intention was not one of self-healing, but rather self-expression. i caught my shadow on the ground in the backyard one day. - noticed how quickly it changed.. within about 10 or 15 minutes i went from 2ft 3" to 7ft 2". and whereas i spend as little time as possible in front of the mirror, i delighted in watching my shadow.

'round the same time, i had fallen for marc broussard and practically raced to borders to purchase his cd once i heard it. carencro; love every single song on it. every. single. one.

but this one, come around, well, it's impossible not to dance to. and so, i had it in my mind to video tape a shadow dance. this meant relocating the tri-pod whereever that might be... charging batteries for the video camera, purchasing a blank tape from walgreens..

making sure the video camera was set up in just the write location to capture just the write shadow.

too soon, and i was a short, round, bouncing ball. too late, and i'd look like an nba basketball reject. the window of opportunity for looking slightly taller than i actually am, and looking like i'm dancing, and not an abstract flame of some sort; this window of opportunity lasted about 15 minutes, tops.

but on the day before my creative adventure.. i took ill. went to the doctors with a 104 fever and was diagnosed with strep throat. felt miserable.

couldn't stand the thought of missing out on that 15 minutes of perfect sunshine the next morning. -may be a good long time before it comes again- not just the sunshine.. but this mood.

it is safe to say, before marc broussard i was never inspired to shadow dance, and i've not had the creative impulse return. so i'm thrilled i did it. thrilled i caught the mood when it hit me.

if the camera were pointing toward me, instead of the ground, you would see i looked horrible. i was colorless and sweaty; entirely physically out of shape. it fatigued me just to set up the camera and portable cd player.

but i'm tellin' ya..

the very second the music started playin' and i started dancin' i began to heal. lost in the music, dancing and having a great time under the influence of marc broussard and the morning sunshine

showered afterwards and felt perfectly fine. like, 100% normal. the strep throat which would normally last 4-6 days for me, disappeared that very day.

so perhaps self-expression IS healing.

this is my testimony.

create in joy!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEONARD STEGMANN from (me!) shadow dancer

roses are red, violets are pleasant. you're getting this post instead of a present.

happy birthday to america's first blogumnist!

shadow dancing in your honor today squidmann, love

~cute chick from pleasanton AKA (less flattering but more accurate)

~regular reader