Saturday, October 26, 2019

Cougars. Ducks. WIN/WIN! photo by (me!) writeousmom

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

awesome packed weekend for (sexy! & tops!)


if time allowed, i'd detail..  but highly restricted I want to note these two things about our highly blessed weekend

  ONE   -God communicated to (me!)

in the middle of a longer conversation...  which included talks about money, wealth, finances..  when I was starting to sink a little..    like..  saving, investing..   not my strong suit to date..  and there are a million legitimate reasons for me to feel bad..  

let me just say I have not exercised maturity and wisdom in this area

but, it was communicated to me  -the way God communicates    placed it on my heart   are the words many ministers use to describe

in the middle of this conversation

you have used your time very wisely

and that immediately changed my internal experience from sinking...  to swimming strong.

Praise God and "Thank You!" Jesus


TWO:    -personally, a very VERY gratifying experience

while we were at the San Jose State Homecoming Game  "Thank You!" Tony..     I engaged in a conversation with Haley Lopez..   and she mentioned being a NFL Cheerleader for the 49ers..

now..   break here a moment to remember how gratifying it is.. to Google search..  like, when you can't quite remember the actors name from that one movie...  but if you can remember some part.. you can google search, and suddenly "YES!"    -and you can see a picture of the actor, the name of the movie, and bio.. etc.

it is a very specific gratification..      when you get online help remembering

well, as I was talking to haley, it surfaced in my mind, and I said to her with a smile,

I said, "I remember meeting a 49er cheerleader when I was pouring wine at tenuta.."

and I wondered if maybe they knew each other..

on my own  -with just my own memory as a tool..  there is NO WAY I could have remembered

    -when/the exact date    -the name of this cheerleader I poured wine for..

and it is also not anything I could use Google search for..


I had sexy hand me his phone..  went to my blog.. this very blog here

the one that has not just served as a platform for exercising my craft; but has evolved into a magnificent external memory storage

and in the search bar of my own blog, I typed "cheerleader"

and!    BOOM

and so I showed the picture to haley, and I said with an even bigger smile, I said

"here she is!"

and haley said, "how do you know Gabby?    My sister was in her wedding..."

and there is that google search gratification..  let's give it a 10..

on the scale of internal gratification experiences

this  -this was a 49!

I love my blog

and in my prayers, I almost always include, "Thank you!" for my verve, my blog, my camera


more later, amen.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Update . on (me!) Sandra, tvgp. AKA.~tops

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

on my write shoulder: free will by (me!) sandra, tvgp

my argument would be   -free will has never been greater; not in my lifetime

if, I look at a few areas of life, and how they seemed long ago,  for what reasons, compared to now:

let's start with everyone's favorite topic:  sex

long ago: less overt casual sexual relationships
in part because:  it was not accepted socially/culturally
now:  recreational sex is accepted

  so and therefore:  if today you choose monogamy, or abstinence you are exercising free will in a more clear way; not to avoid social judgement/stigmas/taboos..

at least for me..  anytime a personal decision is made, where the influencing factor is to avoid harsh social judgement  -that is not really exercising free will..

but if you can or cant

do or don't

will or wont

and yes or no decisions are equally accepted by society/culture at large

now, it becomes very a individual free will decision..

    /it is of note, and interest to me, that cultural influence, actually, has not gone from "recreational sex is taboo to it is okay... but rather, the taboo seems to be, if you are not participating, something must be wrong with you   -so it is still not really balanced; okay if you do/okay if you don't

but we tend to go from one extreme to the other, and over decades land somewhere in the middle,

but anyway..


twelve different exceptions to what ive just written popped in my head..


so, yes.. there are exceptions; but do you understand my larger point when it comes to things like, recreational sex; drinking under age; unwed pregnancies; divorces; debt; the way we dress..  what we watch on tv

I can find a fan club and support whether I do or don't for many different choices I get to make..

and much of it is experienced by me now as


truly personal choices.

yes..  I know it would be okay for me to do this or that..   it would be okay, perfectly acceptable

but I am choosing not to.

and that's okay ..

if several months or years down the line I change my mind;   that's okay too!

if I change it back again;   that's acceptable too

                 -good times when it comes to free will for a wider spectrum of decisions we each will need to make throughout our lives

hallelujah & amen!


"You Scared?" by (me!) sandra, tvgp

we have so many jobs, responsibilities and things to figure out as human beings..


what fears we have that need to be overcome

what fears are justifiable and healthy indicators we need to change direction

what fears are entirely irrational; phobias vs fears

the origin of given fears and phobias

which fears are innate; which are ignited from life experience

and of the most fascinating things:  how it is that we know we are experiencing fear in the first place; and how do we experience, identify, label the intensity; the degree.. 

-fear factors


and on that topic, I stopped in my tracks when I saw this "scare" tape on the shelf at Alden Lane

and write away, 

in my imagination, I sent this bird to an Audubon psychiatrist

where he sat perched on a swing

inside a very small, dark, aviary

"when do you remember first experiencing this fear?"

"do you realize this is a phobia..  it is entirely irrational in its nature"

/that being the point exactly thinks the bird; it is.. nature

"the tape cannot harm you.. bite you... sting you.. poison you.. kill you..

its just reflective tape..

look..   i'll show you"

at which time the bird flew erratically in many different directions

until busting out of the cage.


and on the back of this package, it does tell consumers, to seasonally remove the tape, and replace it

this is so the birds wont get used to it; wont get desensitized

so the tape wont slowly lose its effect and ability to scare the birds away


and that's another important thing humans need to figure out

which fears we should and should not become desensitized to; and for what reasons.


I could go on..

but I have different blog topic tapping me non-stop on my write shoulder:

Friday, October 11, 2019

Orange & Black Bliss by (sexy! & tops!)

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

CH = ~ savory snacks... by (squidmann!)

I saw it when we ate at UMAI, which advertises 'savory hotdogs'

then, way awesome...getting to see grizzly bears at WSU..  

and when I was reading..     big smile

..  and way my memory works..

or doesn't quite work; depending on expectation and actual design

well, I somehow just smile every time I see the words   ~savory snacks

and I don't remember the details of his blog post at all, just that something funny...

and so I sent him an email and requested an encore posting


yes!   it was from one of his Bits & Pieces posts..    which is when he would dedicate 5 or 6 paragraphs to entirely different topics, and included in this one:


I was at the movies today, waiting for my pretzel nuggets to be prepared. I already had my Coke and the cashier called over to me and actually said this sentence: “Sir, are you waiting for a savory snack?”

I couldn’t believe my ears. “Excuse me?” I said, because I wanted to hear it again.

“Are you waiting for a savory snack?” He said it again.

“A savory snack?” I asked in mock disbelief. Who talks like that?

“Yes. A snack that is not sweet.”

Well, I came home and checked the dictionary, and “savory” means exactly what you think it does: having a pleasant taste or smell. It doesn’t mean “not sweet.” But even if it did, or even if that’s what they call non-candy food in the movie theater biz, that pompous little creep still sounded like an asshole.

 (Note: Since I wrote this I have discovered that one of the definitions of savory is indeed “not sweet. And so I may have to reevaluate who the asshole actually is.)


"Thank you! Squidmann"       pretty funny stuff; audible laughter instantly and again...

Sunday, October 06, 2019

Newest addition to my personally inscribed autographed book collection (maya!)

Password Protection for Auto & Biographers as considered by (me!) sandra, tvgp


of the top things that bring me dread and misery:  having to create new user id's & passwords.    -my favorite example is here:

but, even since then, the amount of user id's and passwords I've had to constantly come up with...  staggeringly ridiculous

and we can no longer use the same one, because the criteria keeps changing [requirement for # of characters + a number + special character, etc.]

so then they added on:  security questions

security questions, in theory..


security questions in theory, are supposed to include questions/answers ONLY the person creating the account will know

it is obvious to me, thus far

that all security question programmers creating these security questions...


they work for the enemy.

there has not been ONE!

not ONE question asked on these online forms, that cannot be researched and found in under 10 minutes for anyone who has even a 10 page biography written by or about them


what fun I had recently when my son needed some of the answers to these TOP SECRET QUESTIONS:

my favorite poet?


I've written a play that was performed on stage!   KISSIN' THE CHOCOLATE BLUES  -there are articles in newspapers...   it can't be more public   -how on God's good green earth did this become a SECURITY QUESTION?

if someone/anyone has a FAVORITE POET...  that is definitely not something people keep secret..

or, wait a minute..

maybe this explains the unpopularity of poems,  poets and poetry circles...   has it in fact, all gone underground?   hush/hush...         we are supposed to keep our favorite poet....

secret?    -between just us...  God, and the online security question world?

but, I had great fun sharing this with my son, because he had written about it himself:


don't tell anyone though, ok..


my elementary school?!?


I had no idea I promise you, 

on every casual conversation throughout my entire life

on every first date, 

with every new co-worker, 

really?!?  is a person's elementary school

which is most, 

within the geographic location of where they spent their life age 5.. through 12...





you are about to gain access to my personal bank account

and all, 

I don't know, 

$25 I might currently have in it

/until I go to MICHAELS

oh!   FAVORITE CRAFT STORE..   darn it! I just accidentally revealed another potentially top secret question/answer..


I will reveal here

but only and exclusively to my blog readers:

/which really are top secret, by the way..


here you go:

my elementary school:

where I was secretly




so, the list of question/answers of these websites where I already have a unique user name & password


it's really only the wealthy autobiographers/or anyone with a biography written about them that really need to worry

and good thing Ray Orrock is already in heaven

I know everything about him from his newspaper columns

and good thing


I guess young people don't read much in detail anymore

or talk in detail

or why else would they come up with such pathetic security questions to begin with?


/I have three tattoos

but I have no $


what you have to gain from (me!)

is just the pleasure of knowing.


extra credit:    create user id, password and security questions only Jesus would create and know the answers to

hallelujah & amen

A prison reform promise from (me!) sandra, tvgp

I promise!  "I PROMISE!"    I am placing my write hand on the bible and making this promise:

I will not blog again about prison reform  -ever!  after this last, last, last point I need to re-make:

thus far, prison reform, has meant

more privileges' for inmates

reform seems to always = more and more privileges' for the armed robbers, drug dealers, murderers, rapists, child molesters, violent gangsters and thugs behind bars

but never, more responsibilities or more accountability.

reform has meant,  -less consequences, less accountability, less responsibility

and more and more privileges.


what we actually need to REFORM, is the definition, practice and execution of REFORM itself!

in Jesus name,   amen.

The Heart Seen... new cherished contributions from (squidmann!)

Okay, give me extra credit for this catch. It was during an animated part of Adam Ruins Everything (great show!). A kid shot a spitball at the chalkboard. It’s shaped like a heart!

Caught this one on a Outback Steakhouse TV commercial. It looks like a split chicken breast. I leave it up to you, the Queen of Hearts, to decide if the shape was intentional or not! 


"thank you!"  I love these!   -and, I was initially going to tease you about watching too much tv, but

 you have such a great variety of both indoor/outdoor contributions

and you win for unique contributions too, you & spike:

cat pee, vomit, spit balls, torn shirts, scars, acne, hair...

love is just omnipresent with you two


and, different story, different page, but squidmann...

three times recently I've encountered the term, "savory snacks"

and I don't remember the exact blog post of yours in detail, I only know 
something makes me giggle..

requesting here an encore posting of whatever blog of yours that is making me remember

"cheers! & amen"