Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Independent Bible Study for (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Luke 19:26

".. that describes the banking industry now doesn't it..."

Monday, June 29, 2015

The Heart(s) Seen.. and i can explain.. (Me!) sandra, tvgp

Mom: "my goodness.. what is this mess on the floor?  -what on earth is this?"

(me!):  "oh..  that..   did i forget to clean that up?"

Mom:  "yes. But honey what is this..?"

(me!):  "oh.. -that's oven cleaner."

Mom: "are you serious? what is oven cleaner doing all over the floor.. its for the oven..  "

(me!):  "i had to use it as spider killer spray...   "

Mom: "You are not serious...."

My sister: "oh.. I'm pretty sure she's serious.."

(me!):  "only it didn't kill 'em..  so I had to drown 'em..  "

Mom: "i can't believe..

my sister: " I can."

(me!): "and then I couldn't seem to drown him either..  So I dropped matt's book on top.."

Matt: "that's the first time my geography book has been of any use.."

(me!):  "I didn't realize I forgot to clean it up.."

Mom:  [cleaning area with paper towel..]

My sister (?)..  "look..  there's a shape of a heart.."

(me!): "I don't have my camera.. "

Mom: "well, I can take it for you..   that is a heart isn't it..  I can't believe..."

sister: "I can."

"It will be said!". by (someone!)

-would you agree that comedians can get away with saying way more than any politician ever could.

thank God.    -and briefly imagine a world without comedians..

I have a theory I will name.. write now, called ..

Oh, I don't know..  the theory of everything that can be said; will be said..

quite different from what should be said..  I know..

but, now that I have a theory..   What's next?

On my mind.. On my mind.. (Me!) sandra, tvgp

i have had absolutely no success getting Eric kandler on the phone.. and then I saw this interview, where my charlie rose was talking to Brian grazer.. and so I was like.. I wonder if I could get brain grazer on the phone and HE could get Eric kandler on the phone..  but no luck making contact with Brian grazer either..

thank God for blogs, huh..


I'm as interested in human memory storage as any lay-person neuro~fascinated type is..

and you've seen how they poke around in the brain.. And touch with a tool.. 'This is the area where language resides..' Etc.

and.. I am just so curious.. 

there was a memory.  I had a memory.  But didn't RE-member until I saw a picture.   the picture works like a super strong magnet where the memory is steel./or vice versa, .   it pulls/attracts the memory front and center of consciousness quicker than you can blink..

so my curiosity is: geographically speaking: where was the memory stored? dormant in my brain...  and then, when I see a picture.. And the memory is front and center..  where is it?    -and what path did it travel? And..  can we name the speed?   -at the speed of thought..


This ones for the A.I team at M.I.T:

It is quite fascinating, isn't it, just how much our human brains are like computers..

now, I'd like for each of you to take the calculator I've just handed you and press in


that's it.  and now I know, you being M.I.T. students and all, that  that is like way too easy; very simple addition..

but my question is not  -what does that equal..

my question is:  is the calculator  -waiting-  for you to enter more information? longing to provide the answer..

waiting anxiously..  waiting patiently... 

-now,  -with the pre-requisite of reading the memory storage curiosity above and having your calculators in front of you:

once you press =

the answer appears as quickly as a memory appears when you see an associated picture.. 

seeing a picture is like pressing = on a calculator after entering a simple addition equation..  

In a calculator..  geographically speaking.. 

Where is the 25?  Before you punch in


-where is it after?

-what path did it travel?


all we can be sure of..  Is ALL of the Information is pre-stored.. Preprogrammed.. to operate the way it does..

the brain, with event + picture = memory
the calculator, with 11+14 = 25...

-write..      I'm going to patiently ~await your feedback..

IJN,  ~amen!

Heart Seen.. in a different way.. by (me!) sandra, tvgp..

i mentioned earlier, ours is a dog~ friendly store..  and we all enjoy their sweet faces.. but i did notice megan was looking at people's dogs with a bit more longing than the rest of us..

and responding to them with greater affection..

and then she was looking on the computer at pictures of dogs, and various breeds and dispositions..

and then in~between work and studies, she was researching animal shelters..

so you dont have to be a rocket or a scientist to see this kind of very beautiful thing coming..

~allow me please to introduce the newest member of their family:


and they are as proud as any new parents you've ever seen..

and we are thoroughly enjoying their pictures & stories...

"Congratulations!"    Megan & Vincent.

-excited to see Jessie in Pleasanton's upcoming pooch parade..

The Heart Seen.. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

-in my shelled walnuts...

The Heart Seen.. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

-in my fruit salad...  

The Heart Seen.. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

-on the crust of my favorite slice of new york pizza..vegetarian..

Exactly my kind of movie! (me!) sandra, tvgp

...and exactly my kind of theater to watch it in!.... 

The Alameda County Fair 2015.. (anne!) & (me!)

* i went as a child with my brother and sister; mom..

* i went as a teenager with friends..

* i went as a young single on a date.. 

* i went married..  i went divorced..   

* i went married, bringing my two children to the little kids rides..

* and then bringing my growing kids to the big kids rides..

* and then just dropping my teen kids off; and picking them up..

* and now they drive themselves..

and for every *  i have some treasured memories and pictures..

the last couple times I've been to the fair has been with Anne.. and we don't do rides.. we just walk around and visit the exhibit halls..

agriculture, art, hobbies..    -we share a love of art, photography, etc. so makes it more fun..

and this year we stayed to hear the beach boys concert and split a funnel cake..

I had just seen love & mercy at the vine, so it of course increased my interest and appreciation..

and im very hopeful..  God will allow me to continue:

and one day..

* bring my grandchildren to the little kids side..

-for this i sure do pray...   ~amen.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Forms of Communication, photo by (me!) sandra, tvgp

"... annnnd Voila!" introducing (trentongregory.weebly.com!)

i knew he was an artist of some sort immediately.  it was in the way he looked at our products in the store.  -I've already mentioned i have an ability to read micro~expressions..  and in the store as i observe and serve customers, it is apparent pretty quickly whether:

1. they are just browsing for pleasures sake..
2. they are on the hunt for a gift to give someone
        2a.)  write now, -as in, leaving the store and headed for the party..    2b.) soon..  within the next week or so,  2c.) for Christmas.. 
3. not quite sure, but "i'll know it when i see it"
4. they know what they want before they walk in the store
-very specific
5. they have no clue.. 

there's more, but you get the idea.  its part in behavior; but its ALL in the eyes..

I knew trenton was an artist write away, because he looked at product..  well, he looked ~beyond the product, if you will..

it is its very own facial expression and look.. and it reveals that the person is not looking at what the object is

...but is rather looking at what the object can become...

so, i don't remember our first encounter specifically, but i do remember that after i got to talking to him a bit i got to enjoy the personal satisfaction of learning 'i was write!'

now, we do get a variety of customers in who can look at a wooden blue bird house, for example.. and they can use their imagination to see it painted green or red..

-customers who can see beyond color, and sometimes see beyond size..  -customers who can see  vertical beyond horizontal; who can use their imagination to see a given home decor product off the shelf and in their home, or yard, etc.

but what you can tell about Trenton, is that he sees even way beyond any of that..

Trenton can see wood when he's looking directly at metal; and he can see metal when looking at wood; or marble when he's looking at ceramic..  he can see layers when looking at bases; or see the foundation under several layers.. he can see texture when looking directly at smooth.. and vice versa for everything..  he can see swirls when looking at straight lines, he can see added height, depth.. he can see 'if i do this, and that, and put it next to this, under that..'

and so i really picked his brain, as the saying goes, when he was artistically projecting his imagination on a wooden table in our store..

it was very basic. very straight lined. Rectangle top, four straight legs. basic light brown wood..     /generic wood to me, but my guess would be he could identify it by name..

and so, he generously switched from a quiet personal examination of the table to sharing his thoughts out loud..

"..  well, what I could do is.. 

-and what I learned is that by the time he finished with it you might not even be able to tell that this gorgeous, expensive looking marble mantel was once upon a time.. a basic wood table at ricks picks.

and eventually he shared his portfolio with me..  and talked in more detail about his visions, and craft..

-he is no amateur..   looks like to me, that he too has put in his 10,000 hours..

and not just transforming basic furniture into stunning..

but masterful flower arrangements..

spectacular murals in homes and restaurants and businesses..

-walls into art...

His range is as wide as his craft is impressive.   ~beautiful!

and i mostly see people this way:

as presents from God..  unwrap to find the gift inside..

and then we are to use and enjoy and share the gifts we have been given..

so if you can sing; SING!
if you can dance; DANCE!
if you can build; BUILD!
if you can teach; TEACH!
if you can serve; SERVE!

etc.  and i always imagine God smiling as we each discover what gift is inside us..   -that's one level of joy..

but then.. as we put in our 10,000 hours; trying, experimenting, failing, succeeding, practicing, improving..  

that's another level of joy..

..and..   THE RESULTS!

...take a look here:   trentongregory.weeble.com


to say its magical, -what he can do, and what he does...

leads only to the perfect segway to this additional bit of information..

Its not magical; HE IS.   as in, literally..

Trenton Gregory IS also..  A magician!    and I'm a little nervous here sharing this..  Probably for the same reason it took two years for him to share that with me..

everyone wanting tricks-on-demand.

but he did  -generously- come into the store one day..  and pulled out a deck of cards..   and i picked one; wrote on it.. 

he ripped it up. put it in his mouth and chewed..

and then eventually...  with some secret saliva glue

handed me back a whole card.

like.. the same card i picked and wrote on and watched him tear and eat..

its been like, a good 6 months since then I think, and I'm still,

even as I write this.. 

like,  -?!?

-what? how..did? was that just..?

and I think you will end up asking the same questions when you see a piece of furniture he's magically transformed..

"..k.  wait a minute here.. Was that just..? How did you?

K. Do it again..  my friend has got to see this!"

-because that is what magic is and does..  the very power it holds

And art..

art IS magic.  And magic.. magic IS art...     "Voila!"

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

"KEEP YOUR CAR DOORS LOCKED!" repeats (me!) ~writeousmom

I asked my daughter.. I'm like, -haven't I told you this too many times already..  ?   and she said no.. So:

here we go again. Very important! Follow along.

what I'm about to address is the ongoing controversy over whether how a female dresses and behaves factors in if she becomes a rape victim.


now.. let me start by repeating that there is NO circumstance whatsoever; NONE.. zero anything that justifies or excuses rape. It is one of humanities most hideous crimes and it should be treated accordingly by our laws.

now... that said..  and hopefully understood.. pay close attention to the following.  It is a true story that took place in my life, in my early 20's and in which I learned a valuable lesson I will never forget and am compelled to pass on.   The short version:

A thief broke into my car and was caught in the act.

the policeman asked me whether my car was locked or not.

I told him I didnt remember whether I locked it or not.

he gestured me to the side of the room where he could whisper

He said, "if the car was locked, this is a felony. If the car was unlocked.. just a misdemeanor."

and then he gestured me back to the room where we were prior and posed the question again..

"So..  was your car locked? Or unlocked when the thief broke in..?"


my initial reaction to all of this was.. WTF!  no one should be allowed to steal things from your car even if you left the windows down and car doors wide open!  stealing is stealing! 

and quite frankly I still think that way.. I think if you steal from a car the penalty should be the same whether the car was locked, or unlocked. stealing is stealing.

but that IS NOT how our laws work.  The ways our laws are currently written.. if you steal a stereo, or laptop, or whatever, from an unlocked car.. the penalty is less than if you steal it from a car that was locked; and had to be broken into...

I will not admit how long I spent in contemplation over this knowledge once I learned it..

but I will tell you, that where I landed is that..  the ways the laws are written..  WE ARE EXPECTED to take some PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for protecting ourselves and our property.

what the law says is..  'Don't make it easy..'



-you know what I mean..   -write.

In Jesus Name,  amen.

...(me!) too... changed life.. living proof... TYJ! ~amen

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Heart(s) Seen.. by (me!) in our almonds...

RAPE on COLLEGE CAMPUSES 'the talk' by (me!) writeousmom..

I can't even believe I need to have this talk..  again.

but here we go..

rape on college campuses. it happens. be careful. be cautious. be aware.

but do not be paranoid. 

here are some ways to avoid being a victim:

1. don't go to college.  don't go to college parties.
2. travel only in numbers. have a bff protection system/strategy.
3. cover/protect your beverages at parties/social gatherings.  leave parties/social gatherings early. 
4. NEVER leave alone with someone to a different location; for any reason; period.  don't let your friends leave.. arrive and leave together.
4. stay conscious. and conscientious.
5. keep your doors locked

and use common sense..

in the event you, or someone you know is raped


if I have taught you nothing else, please confirm that I have at least taught you that rapists thrive on silence and not getting caught..

now, you already know all of this..

the reason I can't believe I have to have this talk over and over..

is because, when it comes to college campus rapes.. it is -not always, but a large percentage of the time..


that means.. that someone who graduated from elementary school.. and then graduated from middle school, and then graduated from high school..

-that means that someone who received multiple diplomas, and passed SAT's and ACT's..  and who filled out college applications..

and may have even received awards, scholarships, etc for academics and athleticism..

that same person who shines on paper.. and in interviews..


why and how we graduate and hand diplomas to people who are capable of rape... 

I have no words; only deep disappointment and anger and frustration...

and I really, really, really think we need to entirely question and revamp our education system..

to develop and reward character.. not exclusively short term memory and facts and figures competence..


the other problem, contributing factor worth re-mention.. is..

and its its worst at some of the most prestigious campuses.. this is because the value system is like..

reputation = more students = more money..

and if a bad reputation for the campuses spreads.. applications lower.. less money..

and quite frankly they care more about money than students, so..

factor that sad truth in..

and watch rapists throw their party...

the saying is true for rapists..  "Silence is golden."

but if we have any desire for the crime to stop..



In Jesus Name..   Amen.

Let it be known: " I LOVE JOYCE MEYER!" -(me!) sandra, tvgp

often, if someone pays with a credit card at the store, they simultaneously flash their I.D.

"Oh!" I said with a big smile, "St. Louis! -that's where my Joyce Meyer is from..."

-their lack of matched enthusiasm, and facial expressions revealed that perhaps they did not share my love...

"we don't understand why anyone would give their money...  How she takes money from people who don't even have money.."

-not verbatim; but the sentiment is correct.

And they told me how they live so close that they could go walk over and knock on her door.

I said, "well do me a favor, and go knock on her door and tell her she has had a huge and positive impact on my life!"

and I must have mentioned three times, "I am a student for life!"


and they don't realize this.. But in fact!  they are direct beneficiaries of the positive impact Joyce Meyer has had on my life


Because prior to watching Joyce Meyer 5 days a week for who knows how many years..

When I learned they didn't love her.. If I didnt feel she was receiving the proper amount of respect due..

they might have discovered a few items missing from their bag..  And maybe a few falling out because of that accidental rip..

and maybe..  well, one tire on their car might be suspiciously lower than the others..

but! -no more!  I did not overcharge them, or tear a tiny hole in their bag, or puncture one of their tires...

"See!".    It works! -all this Christian mombo~jombo...

Anyway..  I can't credit her enough, Joyce Meyer, for helping me achieve exactly what she promises in the very name of her TV ministry show:  ENJOYING EVERYDAY LIFE.

-plenty of evidence for this on my blog here.. 

and if you consider my past..  

Well, I'm not even going to detail out.. Or mention.  I'm going to just bullet point.   -and now, when I say  -just bullet point.  I mean that in its most literal sense.  I'm not going to even provide text/description. Just a bullet point for every trauma, former addiction, neuroses, etc.    -emphasis on FORMER.  It looks like this:



and most people tell me, that when you meet me today.. all happy, healthy, kind  -despite current circumstances..

that you can't tell that I've been through all that.

-beauty for ashes.

and I have so many people to thank..  Many, many people..

But in the top 5 of all those people:

Joyce Meyer.

-and poor people do send her their last dime.  and the ministry itself brings in big amounts of money..  True.

but someone needs to provide some bullet points like this:

*  (#) of conferences per year.
* (#) of dream centers opened, helping (#) of people
* (#) of countries traveled to, (#) of people helped..
* (#) books written, (#) people helped..

etc.    -and if ever there was a ministry and person worthy of donations...

How many people have you helped?

when you spend your money or donate your money..  It is on what? For who?


I've experienced a lot of trauma..  one time I went to a counselor here in pleasanton on peters avenue.

when I tried to talk, all the traumas created a traffic jam in my brain and no words would come out

"If you can't talk.. Leave.  There are plenty of people with insurance who can take that seat.."

-not verbatim; sentiment.

and so I left..  And never went back...

when it comes to finding actual, practical, real life help..  Tangible results manifesting in my day to day life:

Joyce Meyer.

So, "thank you Jesus!" And "amen!". 

LPCVETSTORIES.com.. thank you to (jim ott!) AKA (ren man!)

dear ren man..  there appears to be no end to the awesome things you do.. or to the people you inspire and bless..   there is no way currently to quantitatively measure the positive, and in some cases, quite literally lifesaving impact of this website you have created..

but this: lpcvetstories.com

is quite an addition to your amazing life legacy.    -of course I went straight to Francisco's story; ate it for breakfast...   left my comments..

"Congratulations & gratitude...   love & blessings... !"


/and then I'm like..  Honestly.. What might be next for ren man?  -no end to what's up his sleeve...

Monday, June 22, 2015

The Heart Seen.. by (me!) -this very moment..

..on my peanut butter toast...  i positively love it when this happens..  always a sweet surprise; always feels like a valentine from heaven..

The Heart Seen! by (squidmann & spike!)

-i had to smile at these two recent contributions.. we share the same nutritional values: fried chicken & m&m cookie..  love 'em both... 

The Heart Seen! by (squidmann & spike!)

"...if you're sexy then flaunt it...". (catherine teeter!)

-she never did tell me what song she'd be dancing to..  but over coffee dates I would hear how classes were going..  asked her to get me better seats this year. "I want to see everything!  All the faces!"

last year.. I was up in the balcony..  extraordinary still for sure..

and it still lingers in me this year, how much I loved POMPEI from last year..  the choreography! music! costumes! lighting/stage!

and I learned from a customer who is a mom of one of the dancers.. Pompei was choreographed by someone named dino.. Alias. /phonetic, not sure how to spell.. 

and it went on to receive top awards in various competitions..

anyway..  another spectacular recital this year.. everything I've come to love and appreciate..  high level of talent/art/craft; wonderful variety; great music; costumes; props..

every age and skill level..   -and the order in which the numbers were performed..   -just write.  perfect blend of young & precious, to beautiful/elegant, to explosive, to classic to modern, etc.

-you were wonderful Natalie!  /daughter to my mom friend Catherine..

it is variety itself that I delight in the most...

and then!  -did I not just get done telling you in a prior post that the number one dance song of this year is uptown funk..

-how the only people at Barones that were not dancing when pride & joy played the first few notes -were either stuck in the bathroom or had no legs...   -how the song itself seems like it was custom-written for Mr Motown's moves..

well, that is the song my mom-friend, Catherine, and her dance team performed to..

and it was wonderful! I was wiggling in my seat..

all the moms up there: you did a great job! Sexy, radiant, alive...

cool number.

and every recital i end up getting teary eyed..  have learned to bring Kleenex and not wear mascara..

this year.. -a thousand years, choreographed by Kristina wiselogel.  -it was the musical version, no lyrics..  and the song itself is so beautiful..  and then the costumes were a perfect match.. and the dance moves.. the choreography... equal to the beauty of the song..

I could go on and on..

time and budget did not allow me to see all 4 shows this year, /although I would if I could...  I only saw the one Saturday morning, and that is thank you to Megan for covering my work shift..

But I heard.. in the evening performance, I would have loved 'blood stream'.  /I think its called..   By the same choreographer of Pompei.  
-maybe I'll have to order the DVD..

"Congratulations! Catherine! Natalie!   -Jazz n Taps!"

-another great experience for your audience!  "Encore!"

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Saturday, June 20, 2015

speaking of casting a spell! meet (tia!)

tia is short for Tijuana.  she is from mexico..   and the entire neighborhood has fallen in love at first sight.  -arguing over who gets to puppy-sit when the owners go anywhere..    and creating excuses for the owners to go somewhere...  

rumor has it that our neighbor john.. he literally waits for their garage door to open.. then he casually (runs) over,  "going somewhere? need me to watch tia for you?"

I understand entirely because when john was puppy sitting one day he called me over, "come look at this.."

"I'm running late for work,..."

"No.. take a just minute, -come see.."

and so I crossed the street and my eyes landed on what has to be the cutest puppy on planet earth..

and then she let me pet her, and leaned into me..  and looked at me all super sweet...    and I could literally feel my insides going weak under her super powers of charm, cuteness, charisma..

I took several pictures.. and under her spell.. I not only forgot I was running late for work; I forgot I even have a job...

and then something woke me up.. and I realized I had to get to work..

And when I started back across the street to my car..

she started whining for me... the sweetest little melodic squeeky whimper you ever did hear...  

God I wish I was retired.  I'd be hanging out with tia write now...

When are you your very happiest? by (me!) sandra, tvgp

-for my daughter, its when she is at a sporting event with friends..  -having just experienced the warrior series and victory, I can clearly understand and appreciate that answer..

-for my son.. probably when he's playing baseball.. video games.. bike riding.. with friends.

-friends being a key ingredient of course.

-for me.. its anytime I'm in the same room with my kids and family..

and a very, very, very close 2nd place is:

and here [   write here.  ].  if I had my creative druthers..  There would just be a link to a 30 second video

of everyone dancing out doors on a perfect climate night at Barones with pride & joy performing this years hottest dance song: uptown funk.

-the only people who don't dance to this song are either stuck in the bathroom or have no legs..

there is part of me always conscious of the fact, everyone there is dealing with one major life stress or another.. some people juggling multiple stresses in their daily lives..

but for these few hours: 6-10pm.  everyone has cast their cares..

huge crowd of happy dancing slightly drunk people; smiles in every direction...  live music under the stars...

it casts a spell.

while I was dancing with Mr Motown, I had a flash forward vision of myself at what must have been around 90 years old.. 

"I could do this my whole life!". I told him    -and he said " me too!"

Thursday, June 18, 2015

introducing (jamie! & rico! dabby! casey! bunny!)

one of the great pleasures of working in a dog~friendly store is getting to meet people..  who love dogs.

like, Jamie here... she is featured in San Francisco magazine this month, among, Oakland's Bravest.  -she is an Oakland firefighter 21 years..   Noble service, and then look here..  you see her heart is not only brave but very big:

from different shelters she has adopted not one,

Not two,

not three,

But FOUR dachshunds.   -and not 4 cute dachshund puppies.. But 4 seniors, each with their own unique traumatic histories which landed them in shelters.  -allow me to introduce, by wing color..

Dabby. Silver wings. 15 years old.
and Casey. Flames. 10 years old.
Bunny. Pink. 18! Years old..  and our local, custom~cookie, celebrated rescued dog:

Rico.   Whose tongue is permanently dangling out to the side.. and whose charm is only increased by a very slow limp, limp, waddle, spontaneous scurry to try and catch up, then limp, hop, limp waddle..

their brave & big hearted owner.. she stopped by yesterday and brought us some 'Rico cookies'

apparently the owner/baker at prim rose bakery, down the street and around the corner from us..   was inspired by Rico's story and iconic appearance to create "the Rico"

file this under:  I live in a very cool town.  with very cool people! and way cute dogs...

Public "Thank You!" To (Rick Hirshberg!) from (me!) sandra, tvgp

-have you ever borrowed someone's child so you could look and seem legit when you went to see a Disney movie?

I am a little suspicious here, that for our recent ricks picks staff party..  that when it comes to venue..  -the entire night was based around our awesome owner/buyer/boss' secret burning desire to hit the go kart racing tracks in Livermore.  I'm projecting here, yes.. but I imagine him hearing about it..   and then..

casually dropping the idea on his wife and grown daughter.  -no luck there.   -would it be safe to mention to his golfing buddies?  

I mean, like how does a grown man who does not have a young child who might say, have a birthday party, or be invited to a birthday party.. 

and who would not go alone...

how does such a man get himself, legitimately, to the umigo race tracks?

his attempt last year failed.  who wants to drive even more, after driving to and from work?

And so he surrendered, and we went bowling instead.

but.. that kind of desire:

go karts! racing! skidding! speeding!    -that kind of desire does not just subside; it increases..

and so he put the idea out there again..  and I think we all telepathically agreed we should give it a go...   /kart.

and I've mentioned before what a small miracle to get everyone together on the same night for anything..  so just say "Thank you!" Jesus and Rick and everyone, that, save 1 person.. 

everyone made it.

and it was worth whatever price he paid just to see the expression and excitement on ricks face..

..and we all received, as part of the package, helmets.  but there was only one person among us who..

"..you brought your own racing gloves?.."

Yes..  this is write about when I knew for sure, that all of us employees, and this whole team building, and thank you for your hard work, staff get together thing was really just a very cleverly designed event which would land Rick on the race track..


and we can't thank him enough because for the other 4 out of 6 of us.. this ended up to be quite a bit of unexpected fun..

2 gave it go for one race and opted out of race 2 or 3.

1 enjoyed one race.. and two..  but was 'already over it' by race three.

1 "PR'd"..   /as they say in track n' field..

and a fun competition for the rest of us..   

the rest of us, by the way..   Women drivers.  Rick is the only male.

/and the only one who brought race gloves..  

Anyway..  I glimpsed a fast passing view of the friendly competition taking place between rick and Patricia..   and got lapped by Megan..

But I just kept reminding myself to run my own race..   My goal was to,

1. Do it.
2. Improve my time each race.
3. Stay alive to tell this story.

I succeeded across the board! I think my time.. which I did not document, but think it went from something like, 44, to 39 to 37.-ish.

I was repeating the same mantra to myself as I have repeated to my children:

" SAFETY first. THRILL SEEKING second."

when I would get lapped..  definitely my impulse was to speed up and pass them up..  Like, 'oh yeah..  watch this!'

and then I would gun it a little...  and then I would skid almost out of control around a tight corner..  and I would say to myself.. Like, don't let them bait you into a 4 car crash or a trip up and over the tire wall...

the desire was there..  to win!  -just not the skill level.

but I loved it!  I've mentioned before how my little Saturn hybrid.. You can floor that thing and it still only goes like, 12 mph faster..

and even though the go karts top speed is ,45mph..   relatively speaking.. the size kart, to size and shape of the race track..

makes it feel like you are driving much faster..

very. VERY! FUN!


we followed that up with a pizza party outdoors in Livermore at that pizza parlor place that has a random X in its name near the bankhead theatre..

-which gave me a legitimate excuse for bringing up the fact that "my theatre debut was write there.. at the bankhead.. when I performed in the vagina monologues... and we sold out every night and helped raise $30,000 for the tri valley haven.."

-very proud of that!

and then.. Tatiana asked if I remembered my lines...

and so I politely changed the subject..

I mean on stage where people have bought tickets and paid to see.. Where people have some idea about what's coming their way..


but.. at an employee staff pizza party.. with my boss to my write..

I'm not about to bust into my 'clitoris has 800,000 nerve fibers routine..'

But I will personally treasure it -forever!


Filed under: awesome nights and wonderful adventures.

"Thank You!"    I've never had a job ive loved more; never had people I've loved working more for or with...     You're the best!


"... all im sayin' here is, -i made this sign around 10am and the game aired at 6pm. it is therefore, retrospectively speaking, a prophesy; not a wish or hope..".   

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Exactly! as heard by (me!) sandra, tvgp

I heard it from mike myers.. but he is quoting an acting coach who was quoting ...  Who? don't know original source.. but in its most beautiful, poetic, simplistically accurate form..  -this is true for athletes; artists;  -life in general

we graduate from

Unconsciously Incompetent to
Consciously Incompetent to
Consciously Competent to
Unconsciously Competent.

-very fascinating process common to everyone.  And the eloquence with which this is described + the insight it provides regarding the human condition/experience.  -it is equivalent to E = Mc2..   /or whatever that formula is..

"VICTORY WARRIORS!" /thanks to (me!) & (my sister!)

-now you know its because we had on our matching t-shirts and gave our complete undivided and highly enthusiastic attention to the game.  and what a game!!   i think, as a writer and as a poet.. as a lover of words, and sounds, and syllables, and with a sensitivity and appreciation for how two words can be paired together in such a way.. well, like wine and food..  or like lightscrapes titles and photographs; how the pairing elevates the status of each individual entity..    -when it comes to joining two words together and placing them side by side..   does anything sound more beautiful, i ask you, than:



and it makes me laugh to remember that not too long ago  /charlie rose vs. kay ryan..    if i landed at a sports bar for a bite to eat during a game, i would listen to the clapping, yelling, "yes!" "Yes!" "Yes!" Or "no! No! NOooo!" with complete indifference and never even bother to glance up at the TV screen.  Just eat and think to myself, 'who are these crazy people?'

And now i am one of the crazy people.. and my sister too. and that was just 6 of the most intense, spectacular, exciting games of basketball anyone could hope to see..  "Awesome job Warriors! Thank you!"


we can't take ALL the credit though for their win..  every single one of our family members were watching.. mom, her husband, my dad and family, my brother and his family, my neighbors, my friends, and almost every customer i talk too..  "You following the warriors?".   " yes! and I'm sleeping in my T-shirt..".     -very, very, fun this being a crazy sports fan of a team that ultimately earned the World Champion title.   Rumor has it, that has happened for the Warriors since, like 1975..     I feel so bad we didn't jump in sooner to change their fate and destiny..  but better late than never; write.


in my self portrait poem I mention that i am..  well, as a matter of fact the very first line in my self portrait poem references a football and then basketball player.

i am rudy.  pistol pete.

-even though ive never played sports!  but it is because i saw the movies: Rudy.   -where the coach wished he could put rudy's heart inside his talented players...   and pistol pete, the birth of a legend..

if you were my family, friend, or wanted to be my boyfriend in the late 90's i think it was..  pistol pete was mandatory viewing

i loved it for its innocence; represents a simpler, less violent time..

-that is, the fight scene doesn't involve gangs and guns and blood..
-the marriage of pete's parents doesn't involve betrayal, or dysfunction.. they actually like each other, and they love their son; nurture his gifts and talents..

and the passion of pete's dad; as a coach.. so in to it; so enthusiastic, -with such an intellectual way of seeing the game..and never tiring of basketball as a topic.  one of my many favorite scenes is when he is sitting around the kitchen table with fellow coaches and the other coaches have fallen asleep, but there is press still thinking and talking about the game...

and the young pistol pete.. born to play the game and with the necessary passion.. and putting in his 10,000 hours...

and one of my favorite scenes with him is watching him bounce the basketball around the house while wearing a blindfold..

and then, i thought about this movie a lot during this entire NBA championship with the warriors.. 

-because there is a scene in pistol Pete, birth of a legend, where the young pete is on the court playing his game... and at one point he passes the basketball with great instinct and coy to...

-no one was there to RECEIVE his amazing stealth pass.

his dad, as coach and former player sees the skill level and instinct..    the other coach just sees a pass that went nowhere..

but when watching the warriors..  all those amazing, spontaneously choreographed, tricky, look-this-way-but-pass-that-way moves they had on the court..

the instincts were well matched..  beautiful!  fancy pass.. and someone with the instincts to RECEIVE.. 

at its highest level, thats all that's operating for each player; instinct alone.  -no one can think at the pace of the game because it moves too fast..   its his instinct responding to his Instinct responding to his instinct and SCORE!  a thrill to watch..

and so, no, I am not rudy in the sense that I am a football player.  and I am not a basketball super star..   but in my self portrait poem,

i am rudy. pistol pete.

-because i have heart, drive, determination
-passion! and i too, put in my 10,000 hours..  

as a matter of fact, I just typed this entire blog blind folded.   -writing is my sport, you see...


i am rudy. pistol pete.
but mostly fisher king
i am maya, pi & braddock
a giant redwood tree.
i am million dollar baby
but parry through and through
i am mother goose and gilbert
a me of many you's.
stella luna, owen meany
every child in silence screaming
i am every poet ever born
awake, but always dreaming.
i'm eleanor
i'm roosevelt
i'm jefferson on tuesday
rogers in a gypsy skirt
love everyone that moves me.
i'm seabiscuit
the shop girl
charlie rose
and sunday morning
i'm every artist ever born
creating without warning.
i'm every woman ever born
i'm blessed. i'm loved. i'm cursed.
but i am mostly fisher king;
here to quench your thirst.


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Gradually we must wean ourselves from PRINT text books.. By (me!) sandra, tvgp

I just learned from my sister the cost to RENT a USED text book for one of her classes = $140.

may I repeat: $140.  one book.  Rent not own...  Used not new.

no matter how wild my imagination; I know, and you know too.. There is no justifying this price. 

but where my brain bounces on this one, is to remember when it was explained to me.. In elementary school I think it was.. How many people were employeed by the tabacco Industry, how many families were dependent on the salaries thereof; how many families paid rent, fed children, etc.  -whether it was from working fields, factories, packaging, distribution..  on and on.  Very massive.  And so we can skip the argument of when the knowledge surfaced: the direct link between cigarettes, addictions, cancer, death...

and just skip to the dilemma: now that we know.. what can be done?  obviously we cannot stop this overnight..  And how do we find new jobs for this massive amount of people...

it help me appreciate how complicated..

and it seems exactly the same, or close.. when it comes to text books..  maybe they don't cause cancer..  But!  -there is no justifying the high prices -that seems to me based only on dependency, industry and greed.

now that we can offer e-books, digitally..  save paper; edit and make corrections/addendums etc. quickly, easily, and at very low cost.. Save on distribution..  the plusses go on and on and on..

but the bigger problem is weaning people/families from their dependence on the print material industry.  its very complicated.

but one day.. printed text books will be extinct; as they should be.

and as we determine pricing for e-books to educate...  my prayer is for reasonable and fair..

i feel a paradigm shift in process regarding how we educate and how much it cost to be educated; a paradigm shift both necessary and overdue.

Speaking of great quotes.. as heard by (me!) sandra, tvgp

-watched yet another fascinating interview /surprise, surprise..

program: revolutionaries.
interview~er: john hollar
interview~ee: ed catmull
book referenced: creativity, inc.

quote i loved during interview:  

"i do believe that creativity is about problem solving. its far more than expression

and that management itself should not be thought of as a controlling activity but a creative activity.."


-to which i can only say two words:   "amen! & amen!"

Monday, June 15, 2015

Fact Check Please! (Readers digest editor!)

I don't know how these quotable quotes get submitted and approved.   And I dont know this.. Joan Walsh anglund..

But I'm pretty sure this quote originally belongs to my Dr Maya Angelou:

and went more like, "The caged bird doesn't sing because it has the answer, it sings because it has a song."


and this triggered an unfortunate memory of my meeting Elizabeth gilbert..  when I met her, I mentioned one of my favorite quotes in her book,  

she said something like, "I didn't originate that quote, but you know how writers are.. if you use it three times it becomes yours."

And that doesn't alter my opinion of eat, pray, love as a masterpiece memoir.. or alter how much I loved Elizabeth's talk..  But it was a huge surprise and disappointment.. 

and so like, -why didn't you credit the source?

I suppose it becomes almost impossible to maintain the connection between original author and great quotes and lines..  

But that doesn't stop me from wishing we could; and thinking we should.

Sandra Kay's FREE Consulting for Computer Programmers in the Retail Industry by (me!) sandra, tvgp

Welcome you handsome programmer/coder types.. I am very happy to see you..

let us start by listening to a song:  I believe this is sherry lewis singing button factory.   /and everyone giggles as the lyrics reveal how the boss adds more and more and more and more on for the employee to do..

and now let us next watch a few scenes from my favorite comedy of all time: the jerk, staring Steve martin...   /everyone laughs..

-see how exciting when the eyeglasses solve a problem...  the money, the fame, the fortune..

-see how the eyeglasses which solved a problem, created yet a new problem..

-funny huh..

-let us next visit some doctors offices, urgent care centers, surgery units and physical therapy wards..

we do not have glasses that caused anyone to go cross-eyed, but what we do have is.. 

Carpal tunnel syndrome..


and this grandma here who is unable to play with her new grandchild because her wrist is in so much pain...  Look! She can't even untwist the lid off the bottle to feed the baby..


you can help.  you. And you alone.. you can save the world from carpal tunnel and tendinitis.

I'll give the answer first.  you don't even have to guess how to solve. I have the solution for you.  Your job is just to make it a reality.


now, i love my boss, i love my job, i love my coworkers, and i love my customers

none of that is an issue here.  but what is an issue is the button factory nature of what has happened at the cash register:

1. an antiquated system which can sometimes require up to 72! keystrokes to process 1 Frickin' product.  what causes this insane and unjustifiable highly repetitive typing for just one product is this:

* every single time you ring something up you must enter your employee number.  -that's 5 keystrokes over, over, over, every customer, every time.  Your number + enter to confirm.  God forbid you make an innocent typo error.. add 5 strokes to correct and re-enter..

then you must manually enter the SKU.. that can be anywhere from 5 to 7 numbers...  Again, GOD forbid innocent typos..

then manually enter the price, including decimals..

and! If the item is on sale..  that's a good 20 more keystrokes to get to the field that allows you to override the original price..  

now..  Several more keystrokes are used to identify how the customer is paying..  Cash or credit..   and then you need verify and confirm..

And! If the customer is paying with a credit card which is 80% of the population..On a Separate machine all together..  You must swipe card, enter amount AGAIN.. Verify/confirm AGAIN.. 

and so we were at about 70 keystrokes for one item but have added 5 star system..

Now.. I am a fan and advocate of 5 star.. I do not offer the card when people sign up because if one more retailer offers me a card to carry I'm liable to...   to...   to do something very unchristian alike which I would need lots of grace and forgiveness for after the fact..

"Enough with the frickin' ! Cards !"

k.  But with 5 star, you can just give your telephone number..

So I am like a champion 5 star ambassador which means I sign up almost 100% of my customers..  that's several more key strokes on a different program within the same machine..  telephone number, name, etc..

we have exceeded  -far exceeded the justifiable amount of keystrokes per product, per customer.. 

and keep in mind here..  I see many many customers per day, and most customers purchase several items not one.

And! We still have the cash paying customer which requires highly repetitive motion of placing in money and giving change.  my write hand is currently refusing by way of very sharp pain to dig/scoop for quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies..  I've had to switch hands..

So.. We have the cash register program (72 key strokes), the separate credit card machine, (several more keystrokes) and the 5 star.. (Several many more keystrokes)

multiplied out by many customers buying many products.


We are phasing out one system, and adopting another..  But still left with 3 different programs to deal with: 1. Primary cash register.  2. Credit card machine. 3. 5 star.

Your job is to create ONE system, which minimizes to the extreme! the amount of keystrokes required to purchase a product

And! make it cost effective for the retail owner.

Card & Coupon FaTIGue..   FED UP CONSUMERS.

I like what Safeway and Walgreen's are doing..  no coupon. No stupid card.  The CUSTOMER.. not the customer service person.. Enters their own telephone number..   /that relieves the cash register person of a lot of keystrokes!

pay with credit card.. that relieves having to scoop change..

while we are there.  -cash should be a thing of the past already.. Its yucky, dirty, and a pain to count..  Pennies, nickels, dimes..   -feels stupid.   ATMS, CREDIT CARDS, PAYPAL, BITCOINS..  anything please but cash and coins..  Plus! This Eliminates any cause in small retail shops for petty thieves to steal...eliminates cash register robberies..


Have you ever felt your insides -shut down.  that is what happened to me at CVS recently..  I was a fan for a while of their program.. As a customer I entered my own phone number for discount ts, etc.

the other day I went in, and the salesperson at the register handed me a trifold brochure with a NEW card to sign up for..


-another frickin' card?!?   someone END THIS..  !  every single store you walk in, every store you visit, every register... 

Here is what I am willing to do:  I enter my telephone number.  -that's it.  I don't want a card. I am not filling out one more Frickin form. I am not creating one more Frickin password.. I am not filling out a survey.. 

I want to be left the Frick alone..  I want to buy whatever it is I needed, and pay, and have you say, "thank you" and not attack me at the register with forms, brochures, programs or cards...


And that concludes my free consulting for programmers/coders in the retail industry.

You may be excused now to go save cash register personnel from carpal tunnel and tendinitis..  -and having to deal with; yucky, dirty,cash n coins..

and save yourselves from attack of the cards...

"Victory Warriors!!". by (me! & keeshie!)

i remind:  do not be fooled. when the warriors win it has only a small part to do with things as trivial as hard work, practice, dedication, coaching, strategizing, the opening line up and all that athletic real world stuff..

in the supernatural world; its all about the fans.

and that was a pretty close call last night, huh..   my sister and i had to juggle our schedules a little here and a little there.. and we were running behind..  like a good 20 to 30 minutes..

by the time we put on our matching, hand-customized warrior t-shirts and made our way to the big screens at the hopyard..

well, when we sat down the warriors were "2 points behind?!?!"

so we apologized to everyone for being a little late,   -and we were immediately forgiven

because everyone knew now that we showed up and added our two spirits to the fan base...

the warriors were sure to win..  "And they did!!"

-what a game, what a game...  

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Class of... $2015! lei accessory creation ..by (my mom!) AKA: Grandma Sharon

-see where some of my creativity comes from.. 

The MOST proud mom.. (Me!) ~writeousmom

there have been many occasions when i might mention how much i hate cleaning around the house.. and inevitably someone will say like, "oh, everyone hates cleaning."

but what i know..   is that if there was a way to hook up some device which measures the internal levels of hates-house-cleaning inside a human being..

i would win.  i know everyone hates it. -but i hate it more than you and you and you and you.

i hate it -the most.

in this same way..  i know every single parent at the graduation ceremony last night was very proud of their graduating senior. 

-but if we did have a way to hook up a device that measured the internal intensity level and show on a graph just exactly who was the most proud parent out of the entire population of parents who attended

it would be (me!).

"Congratulations My Love!".    -and God's blessings with you on your next adventure....

In Jesus Name,   ~amen.

Friday, June 12, 2015

like i said "VICTORY WARRIORS!" -thursday.

..and nor should anyone take responsibility for setbacks and then not take proper credit for victories...  -write.

what happen here was:  i was originally scheduled to be on the dance floor, drink in hand, applauding the live band..  but a last minute change landed me instead

-in a recliner and in front of a TV where I could give my full and almost undivided attention to helping the "WARRIORS! WIN"

very clearly i told them: "take the lead. double the lead. And WIN!"

and i chanted "44" ...and before you know it, they had 44 on the score board.. and then i wanted that doubled, so i chanted, "88!" -and before you know it, they had 88 on the board.

-and the extra ...  /oh, what's the math here? 103-88....

that was all a bonus.    Way to go WARRIORS!


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

K. VICTORY for the WARRIORS thursday then.. says (me!) sandra, tvgp

i cannot take credit for their BIG WINS without also accepting responsibility for their minor setbacks. i owe everyone an apology again.. what happen this time is.. i was with my family celebrating my daughters 18th bday.  -and! it was at a local pizza parlor where there were big screen TV's televising the game..

/what a coincidence that was..

anyway.. every time I found myself watching the game, the opposition would score you see..

and every time I stared at my daughter.. and said silent thank you prayers for what a beautiful human being..  and looked around at my family with gratitude.. -that's when the Warriors would score..

so the spiritual lesson today team is: when you pay attention to the write people, "YOU WIN!"

I can therefore  /their four...   /they're for

guarantee Thursdays nights victory because I will be on the dance floor paying attention to the live band. 

"Go Warriors!   Tie it up!".     ~amen.

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Alarm set for midnight ... by (me!) ~writeousmom

in our family birthdays give rise to a friendly competition..  -who ever is the first to call or text or say "happy birthday" to the family member having the birthday, -claims the imaginary first place ribbon.   "i won!"

Monday, June 08, 2015

My favorite day at Centerpointe -ever! (Me!) sandra, tvgp

1. there was only one service which resulted in more people; great energy. 2. powerful wonderful testimony by demitri. 3. spectacular video presentation by high schoolers. 4. club 56 recognition 5. wonderful messages presented by pastor mike and craig (Onion~time).  6. communion.  7. gorgeous day..   8. friends & family in attendance..   -glad I didnt miss this one...  TYJ! -amen.

"My Point Exactly..". Isaiah 53 as read by (me!) sandra, tvgp

i was alone when I was rereading Isaiah.. and read silently first:

"He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him. -nothing in his appearance that we should desire him"


Boy I sure I wish I had that passage memorized and up my sleeve when that documentary called the Bible debuted on TV.. and there was all that talk about "a hot Jesus"

-the colloquial meaning of hot = sexy, gorgeous, physically deemed socially attractive./vice & versa.

I was immediately resentful.   I kept imagining the Hollywood director saying things like,  "Jesus is hot.. But hey.. holy mother Mary..  shorten the skirt, lengthen your lashes.. Little more make-up,  -we need some sex appeal.."

but I felt when I vocalized my thoughts and imaginations that they were met with zero understanding.   One person said, "I've always been sure Jesus was hot..  I've always imagined him that way.."

and I kept insisting Jesus was KIND.  "KIND! HE IS KIND PEOPLE; NOT HOT..   I WANT MY KIND JESUS BACK!"

and I just couldnt even watch the documentary; it was just too Hollywood; pop culture for (me!).

so I'm thinking..  well I just can't help but imagine myself in the casting room..

and every time some gorgeous guy walks through the door I hold up the Bible and re-read the passage:

"He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him... Nothing in his appearance that we should desire him..

-next! ".  and I point toward the door marked exit.


Public "Thank You!" to the WARRIORS from (all of us!)

in won word:   AMAZING!   -very minor setback; yesterdays loss.   The Victory is yours Tuesday.   -here's how it goes down:

You are first to score. You take the lead  -by a healthy margin!

ahead by a minimum of 12 points at the end of the 2nd.


after half time.. you maintain that lead.  In the 4th, you double it


with love, faith, gratitude, amazement with your gifts and remarkable talent

in honor of your healthy awesome competitiveness and in grand awe of your spectacular performance under enormous pressure

/and if I may borrow from Mr osteen:

i believe it! and declare it!   -write here! -write now!


Sunday, June 07, 2015

The Heart Seen... by (my squidmann!)

i especially appreciate the contrast here; the single, soft, light colored and delicate petal resting on top of the wide spread, hard, peppery colored concrete.   -makes me smile.

Saturday, June 06, 2015

The Heart Seen.. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

... yes. ~sometimes its messy...

The Heart Seen... by (me!) sandra, tvgp

..love my peanut butter toast...

Friday, June 05, 2015

Team Phenomenal! (The WARRIORS!)

please.. we could hardly stand it..  my poor sister had to excuse herself from the room.. unable to manage the anxiety of those last, famous, fabulous, mind-blowing, 5 minutes..

i can't even believe I get to watch basketball played at this level..

still in recovery.

so listen boys..   we need a larger win margin and earlier in the game.   my God..

"Encore! Encore!  Win again! In First Four!"

In Jesus..  did you see that?! shot?! name,    -amen!

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

"think happy thoughts peter". as believed by (me!) sandra, tvgp

dear Jesus, please forgive my sarcasm..


my brief post today /restricted by wrist pain

is in response to the male creature interviewed by my charlie rose, as part of the brain series... with my favorite neuroscientist.. Eric kandel

topic was parenting and postpartum depression.  postpartum depression as experienced by the DAD; male creature.  -fascinating interview as always..

you really should watch it yourself..  my sarcasm sneaks in only as they reveal the astonishing scientific finding that children who are not neglected as babies fair better in the world than children who were neglected..

But let me cut to the chase.. dad with postpartum; which helps rule out pregnancy hormones as a culprit..

Dad who bravely confesses he felt rejected by the baby, distance from his wife, exhaustion, anger..  and ultimately starts having thoughts about hurting his wife and the baby which is about when he starts bravely seeking help..

Now, my point is this: the entire interview and conversation is seen exclusively through the secular lens..

and wouldn't it just be the most fascinating thing ever, if we could watch the whole thing again, only add Joyce Meyer to the panel and discussion..

-where was the battlefield?   -the mind.    

-the enemy seeks to kill and destroy..   -some of the enemies greatest attack weapons: rejection.   inadequacy.   fear.   

-I believe somewhere in the bible it talks about "holding every thought captive."


I wonder if Christian dads battling the same situations might employ biblical teachings to navigate their own way out..

but feel very happy/proud this dad on charlie rose did speak up; and speak out..   -because I have come to solidly believe another one of the enemies greatest weapons is -shame.   And anything kept in the dark cannot be healed..   it must be brought into the light.

But there is another passage coming to mind.. about not giving gold to swines..

-that is, I acknowledge that when it comes to sharing taboo/culturally embarrassing or shameful things..

there are two potential audiences.  One, will see your bravery.. And offer love and help and healing.  -the other will judge, ridicule, exploit..

so -choose your audience wisely.

In Jesus name,  -amen.