Monday, July 31, 2017

The Heart Seen... by (taryn!)

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Go Out of Your Way to see this interview! says (me!) sandra, tvgp

  that is my brother, larry Harrison (gene simmons!) of KISS rock n roll legend...

you know this,  -write..   my brother used to use a hanger, hair spray, lighter...  spit fire   -in our house!   like gene simmons..

well, last night, I learned so much..   nothing I ever knew in my youth, about gene simmons..   extraordinary!   in  -the big interview-   with Dan Rather and Gene Simmons

and I only happened across it, so saw, say..  the last 20+ minutes, not the whole thing..    but now I'm on the hunt for a repeat so I can see the entire interview.

every generation will get KISS~ ed,  by one band or another, but..   we had the original experience,

and enormously influential...


In Jesus,   long way to the top's,   name...    amen!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

who is that? .... wondered (me!) sandra, tvgp

true story..

i was diggin' through boxes, necessary for memoir, and ran across this picture..

for around one second, i, ...   who?

and then got to laughin'

"that's (me!)"    20+ years ago...


and i thought to myself..   was i ever really that young, healthy, pretty?   and this is the color original of the photograph that appears as a black n' white version on a piece i wrote for a toastmasters newsletter after earning my CTM.    this picture also represents for me, a significant turning point in my life:  BIG!

-from life was hard, traumatic and mostly sucked.. to I AM DEEPLY BLESSED.   in this picture, i am FINALLY on the other side of graduating from Cal State Hayward..  having earned  -quite slowly- my AA from Chabot Jr College, and then a B.A. from CSUH, in mass communication.  and icing:  my CTM,   -Simultaneously working full time + battling PTSD, and..   more than one failed romantic relationship...   and, moving a number of times, both places i lived, and jobs i had..         in one word:  exhausting.

..but to reward myself...       i exited officially from the repeatedly failing romantic relationship scene(s), and decided to, on my own, with family love and support,  say yes to motherhood; no to marriage...              It may go down as the single smartest, best, most blessed and life saving, life affirming, joy-spreading, love expanding catalyst for positive change decision i ever made.

that's what this picture represents for (me!)...this is when my life started to notably, experientially, turn around for the much, much, better.    -still, struggles lie ahead, but..   love; true love..  would both contribute to my healing and better prepare me for any/all spiritual battles in waiting  -which, to date,  all pale in comparison..


and speaking of love; true love..    a mother's love.    in this picture, i am in Hawaii with my best friend..  my sister.   it was a gift to me from my mom, having graduated from college [the first in my family].   -and she treated us...     she treated us to a Hawaiian vacation before she even had ever gone their herself.     -that continues to move me, even to this day..     how generous!   we had the time of our lives!


In Jesus, eternal aloha spirit, and Mother Mary's true love name..    amen.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Most Important Thing SHE Said... (Louise Pentz!)

"...   at the same time, there seem to be so many stories in the media


about the atrocities and injustices being put upon women around the world.

and I thought,

am I contributing to the problem by my silence?

and I came to the conclusion    ... that I was."


"those who perpetrate hateful things on others...   they're banking on our silence."


FORGIVENESS' POWER as explored by (me!) sandra, tvgp

it is 2017..   can anything original or new be written on the topic of forgiveness; no.   You can only look for common themes; common experiences..   and capture the essence of what has been repeated in different ways, using different words, over and over again, for -ever, across the globe, across time.   agree or disagree based on your own life experiences.  Apply the lessons (#?) sages have attempted to teach..    over and over and over and over...  

I am a student.   I have taken many tests.   And I put my teachers to the test too!   What you've said...     is it ~true?  


One of the common themes regarding forgiveness, as shared by many, many.. is this:

"We do it for ourselves."     Over and over, in different words, in different ways, the sages try to explain and teach..  when you forgive..   it is really something you do for yourself, and not for the other..  to free yourself.

It is my experience and opinion that that is true; but only partly so.

people who have genuinely forgiven someone..   know that truth.

                      -but it leaves out the experience of being the -genuinely- forgiven person.

there are two spiritual experiences/practices regarding forgiveness that make one whole.

  1. being the  forGIVER       2. being the forGIVEN.

equally powerful, spiritually speaking.

forgiveness is two-fold.   if you live on the planet for any length..  you will need to learn to accomplish both:  forgiving someone for hurting you.  being forgiven for hurting someone else.

the better you are at one; the better you understand/appreciate the other.

It is my experience and opinion, that Michael Beckwith sums up the definition and goal and result of forgiveness the best with these words:

"the purpose of forgiveness ...   it releases toxins and rancor in our own system so that the spirit can flow through us."

to which I can only say, "YES! HALLELUJAH! AMEN!"

but even beckwith limits forgiveness to being something we do for  -ourselves.  "... in our own system.."   and the focus again is on -the forgivER, vs. being forgivEN; the recipient..

    -there are in fact cases, where you might hold the power..   and if you forgive someone..  if they hear you say it and mean it, "I forgive you"     -if the recipient is evolved enough to receive the gift of your forgiveness..

you have helped them release toxins and rancor (guilt and shame)..  and helped their spirit flow through...   along with yours...   win/win.

when a person is capable of genuinely feeling/experiencing  -forgiveness-   that is genuinely offered by the person they hurt;   or, when the forgiveness is NOT offered by the hurt person, but person who did the hurting forgives him or herself...  [still a recipient of..]

        you will never forgive me; I must forgive myself

that too..    releases toxins and rancor for the forgiven person,(self or other) and allows spirit to flow through

its spiritual plumbing, if you will..

if you've been hurt/betrayed; pain/anger = clog.    forgiving...     pours into the damaged, clogged drain...     releases; frees...

if you've hurt/betrayed someone; guilt/shame = clog.   being forgiven..  pours into the damaged, clogged drain...

                                 return flowing....   spirit

but my even greater fascination is this:

1.  The mechanisms within human beings which allow us to  -know-   to experience/interpret when we need to forgive; when we have been forgiven; and whether either/or is  -genuine.

2.  The mechanisms which allow us to -know-   ;to experience;interpret,  hurt/pain/anger/guilt/shame..   clogs.       vs.     free flowing spirits...

In Jesus is a synonym for genuine forgiveness name.     amen!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Thoughts on Forgiveness.. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

notes for future writings:

the way I have personally explained it, "Forgiveness is PhD level spirituality..."

the way Joyce Meyer described it:   forgiving people who hurt us is the most powerful and spiritually mature thing anyone can do.

as worded by a fellow Christian:   to return evil for good is devilish; to return good for good is human; to return good for evil is divine.

    [contrast to loving enemies... King Herod...       addressing enemies passages...]


every fake flower has authentic roots..    need to write more on this,  -to the extremes:

the beggar, who was given coins
the authentically physically disabled beggar who was given more $..

the beggar who upon seeing that,  faked being disabled to get more $


everything that falls in this PATTERN...  

PATTERNS harder to break than habits..    identifying patterns of behavior..

always needing to identify the authentic from the fake...  over and over...

the real from the manipulators...   the actuals from the thieves...


dangers of commission sales...

In Jesus  -New Testament!  teachings     amen!

Friday, July 21, 2017

SANCTIFICATION.. (joyce meyer!)

                              my life experience validates this teaching

Praise God, "Thank You!" Jesus..    amen.

we are in school.   LEARN. then TEACH.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

SPIRITED AWAY highly recommeded by (dalynn!) and then.. (me!), sandra, tvgp

something about this movie made me recall 
how often ive told my children, 
when they moaned about having a test at school

"you are always being tested.
but only sometimes they tell you."

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


appreciate you asking.. yes.

100 temps .. so needed air conditioning.  could not make it from the driveway to the air conditioning shop, until it got a new battery..   got new battery & air conditioning..    -battery worked so well, the lights wouldn't go off; period.    still in the shop, getting lights/blinker repaired.   in the meantime, big "thank you!" to rick for loaning (me!) his car..   to jonathan/AAA...  to everyone down at san leandro radiator..   my mom! always..     everyone helping me get from here to there and everyone nursing the jeep blue see back to 4 wheelin' good health.    /here is what ive learned...     before being a proud jeep owner, I never waved to anyone who drove a jeep..  

although I always waved to the walkin' man..  and young woman

then, joined in on the jeep wave..   and then, became a habit.  and now, even in this other car, still wavin' up a storm at every jeep drivin' by....    

and, pretty sure I was being followed...   and now might have a date.    

so,  get your wave on...     never know where this might lead.

In Jesus, signs, wonders & waves,  name,   amen!


in waiting:  art under the oaks/pallet painting...

Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Heart Seen by (lee ann caldwell!)

Saturday, July 15, 2017

HOW DID I EVER FIGURE THAT OUT?! laughs, (me!) sandra, tvgp

-k, so there i was in a small plane en route to butte, montana..    and i see this man, this terribly gorgeous man sitting behind me, and he has a suitcase

in the shape of a musical instrument.   i said to Jesus, i said, "if i were 25 years younger i would devour that .... but you can trust me...    amen."   and, then, i said to myself, like, hey..  gorgeous  man + musical instrument shaped suitcase + butte, montana + folk festival.....     ='s!

"hey, you don't happen to be performing this weekend at the folk festival?"

and even though the answer is quite obvious, just let me feel like a genius,  -k.    and that's how i briefly met, Jorge Herrera, of,  -and add some extra to the cool factor, because the unofficial theme of the 2017 folk festival in butte was:   SIBLINGS   -because some large number of the bands performing all had some kind of sibling combination going on, with a brother singing, sister playin' the drums, or vice versa, and in their case  -hermanosherrera:    5 brothers/1 sister   -awesome family band!  

and if my trip to butte had its own unofficial theme, it would be exactly the same:   SIBLINGS!  spending time with my brother and sister..    niece/nephew...   takin' in the spectacular views, the incredible live music/the sensational venue, and delicious meals..

three days of live music, under the big sky, in front of the original historic copper headframe, within the divine presence of our lady of the rockies, and write beside the ones i love

does it get any better?

YES!   ...there was lunch, "thank you! matthew" at the montana club..   dinner, "thank you! keeshie" at the derby, lunch a different day at broadway pizza, and a different time, at Christina's..   and shopping in uptown, "hi!" to Debbie,  -and the farmer's market..     and!  a visit to my brother's co-owned, cards &; collectibles A gameZ... which happens to be across from The Quarry {heart shape/heart shape}..    and still another visit to Butte Brewery, where the view was as wonderful as my visit..

and, a grand finale which included wine, cheese, crackers, and tons of belly laughs, thank you to the comedy sisters,  starring tina fey & amy poehler


still marinating in love and gratitude,

and close with two, "great to meet you!'s"  to my plane seat neighbors..  who made my flights, both coming and going, a joy with their friendly and delightful conversations   -kate, and darla

perhaps we will cross paths again..   and do contact me if you make it out to northern, california...      blessings!

as i head to alden lane, for their annual art under the oaks event, happening write now

in Jesus trustworthy and holy name,   amen.

Friday, July 14, 2017

LUCKY (me!) sandra, tvgp

this is just 3 of about 12, in one day!

and, in order!  i didn't even have to do any creative math to = my lucky number.   and, a page of "thank you's"  my next day off, but for now

another "thank you!" to my mom & rick (my mom's husband)   -for the use of his car while mine was in the driveway getting a new battery, and then, at san leandro radiator, getting "air conditioning!"   - and funny because, i kept giving the jeep club wave to fellow jeep drivers, out of habit, even when i was driving his non-jeep car

so, must of looked like i was flirting.

yes..   cool is king!   it's going to be like 90+ this weekend...

and, so "thank you!" here to rick (as in cahall, retired san leandro police officer) for the ron klaas san leandro radiator connection...     enjoyed listening to you two brag about each other behind each other's back..   -and marie, lovely to meet you...

and at least a dozen cerebral hyperlinks..    for next window of time to post.. and i haven't even had a chance to share montana yet...!

In, if Jesus had a lucky number, what would it be  's,  name...   amen!


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

PUBLIC "THANK YOU!" 'S from (me!) sandra, tvgp

-to rick/mom:  quick to the rescue with a back up vehicle when the jeep blue see didn't start.

-to surgeon/healthcare providers: for the successful addition of a pacemaker to help regulate my dad's heart

-my daughter:  for the surprise visit which lifted my spirit, blessed the day

-shawn/kelly moore paints:  for the very generous donation of 12 colorful paints for the upcoming art under the oaks event at alden lane

-family:  separate post coming soon .. gratitude for montana visit

-to darla [my stranger turned friend plane ride companion] for guiding me to the write location for my luggage, and.. for a conversation regarding dancing, specifically tap dancing, which served as a cerebral hyperlink to this:



-Jesus:   for every one and everything,  amen.

Monday, July 10, 2017

harrison siblings (karin! AKA: keeshie) (sandra!) (larry!)

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

SUPER AMONG THE STARS (eva igo!) as seen 7 times by (me!) sandra, tvgp

part of me just aches, when I think about how awful it would have been...   if she would have been on tv when i was child.  when the tv programs and performances aired in one time slot, and if you missed it; too bad.  -there were no means for recording; no dvr's, no on-demand, no youtube, and no re-runs.

"thank you!" Jesus that today we have means to watch our favorite shows, performances, moments, again and again and again...     /because that's what i've just done

and remember how i early on spotted the super among the stars on the voice, and correctly identified the winner

well, i've done it again, only this time, for world of dance.    they are all stars, yes..   but we are talkin' super star

here she is:      "ENCORE!  ENCORE!   EVA IGO" 

In Jesus... she has taken the gift you gave her to new heights..  name,   -amen.

JULY 2017