Friday, July 14, 2017

LUCKY (me!) sandra, tvgp

this is just 3 of about 12, in one day!

and, in order!  i didn't even have to do any creative math to = my lucky number.   and, a page of "thank you's"  my next day off, but for now

another "thank you!" to my mom & rick (my mom's husband)   -for the use of his car while mine was in the driveway getting a new battery, and then, at san leandro radiator, getting "air conditioning!"   - and funny because, i kept giving the jeep club wave to fellow jeep drivers, out of habit, even when i was driving his non-jeep car

so, must of looked like i was flirting.

yes..   cool is king!   it's going to be like 90+ this weekend...

and, so "thank you!" here to rick (as in cahall, retired san leandro police officer) for the ron klaas san leandro radiator connection...     enjoyed listening to you two brag about each other behind each other's back..   -and marie, lovely to meet you...

and at least a dozen cerebral hyperlinks..    for next window of time to post.. and i haven't even had a chance to share montana yet...!

In, if Jesus had a lucky number, what would it be  's,  name...   amen!



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