Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Fathers Day to (My dad!)

ONE of my proudest accomplishments is a family video I created quite a number of years back for my dad, for his birthday..   it is as hokey as an ameuture family video can be..   none of the technology on phones or laptops today that makes instant mini movie making so easy was available to me at the time. 

for background music I would run, push play on a boom box... and then run back and pick up the video camera..

For 'slideshows' of still shots..   I placed pictures side by side on the floor and then moved the camera over them slowly ...

But the thing I most wanted to capture was my dad's granddaughter (My daughter, 4 years old at the time) repeating all the nursery rhymes I was also taught, as his daughter..Xoxo

As I've mentioned before..  my dad never changed his material, he just waited for a new audience...       -grandchildren!

Here's one of my favorites:

Mary had a little lamb
Her father shot it dead
Now it goes to school with Mary
Between two slices of bread.


Old mother Hubbard
Went to the cupboard
To get her poor doggie a bone.
But when she got there
The cupboard was bare

So the dog bit her!


Hickory, dickory dock

Three mice ran up the clock
The clock struck one
-and the other two got away.

Hickory dickory dock


There was a thousand legged worm
Who let out a little squirm
Has anybody seen a leg of mine?
If it can't be found
I'll have to hop around
On the other nine hundred ninety nine.


The dog was standing on the deck
Flames were shooting round his neck


Really, I did capture some magic and some awesome one of a kind moments no one can script...   and when I have the opportunity.. I will upload the entire video to YouTube and share it with the world at large..

Love you Dad!    Happy Fathers day!


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