Friday, June 09, 2017

SLAFE. WOWN. FLEAS. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

it is a spiritual practice:  shrink attention to the negative.  magnify attention toward the positive.  and in my effort to shrink..   I don't write much, and try not to think about my commute.  although, I have to say, it does tax me, and I always have to spend a couple minutes  -recovering- when I arrive  "I'm alive!" to work.

and as cars speed by, cut between, zig zag, and selfishly put so many other people at risk, in order to not let their arrogance, ignorance get the best of me, I just pray.

I look directly at the car going terrible speeds..     and to Jesus I say,

"keep them safe.  slow them down.  wake them up."      and I must say it six or ten times to and from work..  the opportunity presents itself quite frequently..


and so, ive gotten pretty good..  I stay calm.. I pray...  I listen to music..   I drive...

but then,

I do have a number of accidents ive directly been in always reminding me..  how quickly it can all go wrong   -one false move..     one bad judgement on whether or not you can fit, at 85 mph between two cars going 70 mph..

and so, I was all cool, calm and singing, driving when I glanced in my rearview mirror and in just a prior glance, no one for several car lengths behind me, but now all of the sudden..    a car going 90, and coming up so fast...   -1/2 INCH FROM MY REAR..   like someone changed my rearview mirror to super sonic zoom

" slafe...  Jesus...   flease... them awake.. slow..."

I could not think or organize my thoughts.  it startled the order write out of my prayer and rearranged sounds..

so, now I don't bother with the whole... keep them safe. slow them down. wake them up.  who has time for all that...

I just say

safe. slow. awake.

and sometimes,

slafe. awow.   sake.

and sometimes I say,

Jesus take the wheel...   

and sometimes...       can someone please get me out of here.

hallelujah & amen.


 I can drive all freeways with God who strengthens (me!)....

amen!    I will not write on this topic again.    


"Thank You! Jesus!"  for all the blessings I am swimming in..  itemized list in prayer..




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