Tuesday, June 06, 2017

and that 'Somebody' was left-handed.. notices (me!) Sandra, tvgp

sapiens. a brief history of humankind.   yuval noah harari.

Oh my gosh, I can't even get past the very first page without responding immediately. 

as a left-handed person myself, and an artist, and having painted my own nails, and traced my own hand

i can see write away, this 'somebody' was left-handed.   -because you would place the hand that you don't draw/paint/chalk with on the wall   (empty canvas... )

so that the hand you do draw/paint/chalk with would be free to hold the tool

was it okay 30,000 years ago in france to be left-handed?


it is not the first time ive visited this topic..    so fascinated by learning the history.  how much unfounded, unnecessary fear was directed toward left-handed people  -during what time frame? in what geographic areas?  how it was an accepted practice to try and 'correct' left-handers and 'make them'    -write handed.

repeat here:  i am a write-handed lefty to be sure   [and to (me!) anyone with instincts/inclinations to write is write-handed...   no matter which they use to hold a pen or pencil.  and you need both for keyboards don't you..]

anyway..   eventually we did     -we have

EVOLVED enough to realize..    to stop trying to unnecessarily punish/correct lefties, and MAKE THEM use their other hand...   -the whole thing was silly; quite sdrawkcab

and a division surfaces for me:    orientations vs. behaviors.    

i cant go back 30,000 years..    my observations/curiosities/fascinations are just from what ive experienced/observed during my own life time

without going on and on, like i certainly could.   i think on the following:

honoring orientations. -born with...     correcting behaviors...  which form from..     and distinguishing between the two..

what is innate vs. what is shaped..   nature/nurture

and most importantly...  in 2017..   what stills falls in that category?

things we fear today...   try and correct; or force to be differently..     when, if we just let it be

   -like we have learned/evolved to just let left-handers be left-handers...

it would be to all of humanities advantage.  


ever wondered?   -when Jesus spit on the ground, and wrote in the dirt..

which hand?   Jesus...     why would it even matter?     amen.


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