Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Boys in my scrapbook cont. (me!) sandra, tvgp

on the occasions it is relevant, and i am getting to know someone, and we are exchanging personal truths, i will share,

"ive been married/divorced 2 1/2 times."    inevitably, the person will ask about the 1/2.   and that's when i explain that i had a long term relationship (4 years, give or take) in my mid 20's, and did get engaged, but then we broke up before we married.  ultimately, it did not feel like a safe place for my heart to land..   re-reading letters i see that i felt at the time that i was only his girlfriend when it was convenient for him...      

this has been a recurring issue for me.  i require fierce loyalty; devotion at all times, or else i'd rather be single

and so single and happy i am.

In Jesus searches hearts and minds..   and so do i...   's    name.    amen!


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