Sunday, May 28, 2017

Boys in my scrapbook 1993. (me!) sandra... tvgp

Post divorce, I kept the last name Kersting for several years, before returning to my maiden name.. Harrison...      and then, getting married again:  Kay, and then, post divorce 2, harrison-kay.. but that's a different story

I laughed pretty hard re-reading this piece I wrote for cal state hayward's pioneer...   not from looking back on what I wrote, or how I felt at the time..

But because of the juxtaposition of the page on the whole..

Such a much more important story...  Such depth, meaning, cultural significance, political relevance,  life/death/religion... the human face of immigrants..

and then..

my story!  about not calling Brent to find out why he suddenly dumped me...

/exercising my own birthright, and reclaiming my female identity... borrowing from males...

what can I say all these years later...    I think everyone, at one time or another, thinks their broken heart, or new love

Should be front page news.

       -because it's true, is it not..  that at all times, for each of us,  there is, what is going on in THE world and what is going on in YOUR world..   and they both matter.

In, Jesus ...if heaven had a newspaper.   's name



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