Wednesday, May 24, 2017

TALENT SCOUT POINTS... for (me!) sandra, tvgp

-there is something internally gratifying..   when you spot talent

correctly.   when you see it, recognize it early on

my co-worker friend kurt was sharing with me recently, how he tried to tell his dad early on, that draymond green was something special on the court,  -but it took a while (years?) before his dad finally agreed

kurt spotted it very early.   and every field has avocational talent scouts; fans usually..

dance, music, science, literature, architecture, tv personalities, journalism, military leaders, spiritual leaders..  race car drivers, movie screen stars, anthropologists, on and on

i'm dipping into unreliable memories, but i think my brother early on spotted tori amos and knew...


of course, i'm writing this blog, on this subject this morning, to cash in on my imaginary financial winnings for putting all my money on  CHRIS BLUE

and, i have not myself seen it yet, the finale

i tape it, and then fast forward through the drama and commercials to get straight to the performances


i did spot it..      the super, among all the stars..


i suspect there are long careers ahead for many of the voice participants

and, can i put that on my resume?   -because there is a job i am overqualified for, and would love to have

i never tire of watching/listening to people who can sing; sing.

and someone needs to watch an awful lot of people sing..   in order to narrow it down..

i would be good at that.

can i earn a living...      doing what i love...       and am apparently good at...

/still working at the new American dream..

used to be:   work hard/hard work
is currently: getting paid for what you love to do.

sing to me..    make my dreams come true.

In Jesus talent scouts for saints, great name,    amen! 


one the magical ingredients:   -not being what you want; being who you (already) are


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