Thursday, May 18, 2017

through the worm hole & super soul & cbs sundays for (me!) sandra, tvgp

it's been a long while, but I had a chance to watch..

and, remember how I once said...

we spend an inordinate amount of time trying to make people with good character; great...   and people with great character, ... like super heroes,
and not enough time trying to make people with bad character; good.

I think, on the whole, when it comes to return on investment; we'd better off if we invested more time learning/studying/sharing how to help people with bad character evolve..

this is the button that was pushed within the opening of through the worm hole.. because from the get go, we see that an innocent man was mugged..   violently attacked while just walking down the street, and as a result of one of the blows to his head     -becomes a math genius.

now,   -first bible passage to come to mind, of course!   -no weapon formed against him did prevail..   that which was used against him; promoted him...      -we can easily apply

but, my interest; deeper interest based on my life experience

             -what on earth has gone so wrong in these violent mugger people's lives, that they are ganging up and just beating the shit out of an innocent man walking down the street

this remains so hideous to me...

so while there are a whole community of scientists invested in learning/understanding,  -like, do we all have this math genius potential within our brains? if you violently hit just the write location in the back of our heads?   how can we proactively knock some math sense into ourselves..

my attention goes to..   why on earth, and how can we learn more/prevent/stop...  violent, mean, cruel human behavior

    -small goals, small goals, I know.


their interest...within another segment  in this show...   the community of scientists..   they want to

            -reverse engineer-   how it is we arrive at our -sudden insights-    aha moments, as Oprah might say,    -genius ideas!-

and I want to reverse engineer    -go back, go back, go back..   into the daily lives of violent criminals; evil, cruel people..

where? did it start...    3rd grade?         freshman year?             -and what intervention are we currently neglecting

while we focus on turning basically good kids into A+, ivy league, master test takin' geniuses held responsible, ultimately, for real estate home values..

human behavior.   helping humans evolve...

spiritual fulfillment...


and you can watch super soul sunday...   the lovely lady, interview regarding the soul of money..   and then, as I did, back to back with the interview of bj miller,

and, these lessons have already been learned..  repeat, repeat, repeat..  why aren't we advancing?

you can be physically fit; spiritually void.
you can be financially fit; spiritually void.

and vice versa.

over and over...  humans are looking for spiritual fulfillment..   

if there was a hierarchy..   as maslow (?)  did attempt to explain..

the MOST IMPORTANT thing..     love; relationships, meaning, purpose, connection..

   -and mention here, re:  millers interview, how oprah mentioned,  -for most people, their only experience with death, is from watching tv

          -this is one of the more...   like,   -how is that?   we are doing something wrong.  death..  death is one of the most common denominators across all of humanity, for all of human history, with no exceptions based on income, race, religion...          so common.   such a connection between all of us..   how is it, that we are so awkward; uninformed, by one of the promises of life itself

and I will close with this,

because add on, my viewing of cbs sunday morning.. and again we see..    a combination of everything above; and then some..   

and it is another ...   one of the most beautiful patterns of human behavior:

family members who did not say, 'I love you' to each other...  or did, but rarely, or did, but awkwardly..  

and then they lose a family member to sudden death.   and now,   -in the aftermath,  saying 'I love you' becomes much easier and more frequent

I hope it serves as encouragement to get those words out, without the necessity of a sudden death..

but, look closer...  

            -no weapon formed against...   (violent explosion claims a mother/wife's life)

LOVE ... more of it; verbalized; expressed; understood, shared..   growing; spreading

like a wild fire...     it will conquer all.

In Jesus master teachers' name...    amen!

          ...and because I can't not respond in writing...

I'm going to limit my tv viewing; listen to more music    /she says with a smile...


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