Wednesday, May 10, 2017

on the waiting list.. (me!) sandra, tvgp

yes, I am a new and proud card carrying member...       

and my next read, based on brief conversation with Stephen there at the library..  the book he is currently reading:  sapiens. a brief history of humankind

  -on my goodness.. write away I can feel my blood start to boil..   I ask Jesus to calm me.

I do take pride in speaking/understanding two languages:   secular & Christian

I asked him,  "the book is written from a secular perspective?"     -and I already knew the answer was yes..


once he is done    -I am next on the waiting list..

I confess, I have to work/read/respond with an awareness of my Christian bias..    but, I have it in my heart to do some writing/responding which can show/demonstrate

that while science is important; valuable, has its noble applications..

science is not God.

I repeat:   /and paraphrase my own words/discoveries/opinions/gained knowledge and wisdom

  -to try and reduce God to a simple math equation is a grave arrogance; but to leave God out of any equation is an even greater arrogance of a very human kind

scientists...    you are a mere, fleeting mortal species     grasshoppers in white coats

also engaged in spiritual warfare... whether you are conscious of it or not;   using your God given gifts/talents for good or evil...

in Jesus name,   -amen.


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