Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Public "Thank You!" to (anthony lovercamp!)

no secret..  how much I love music; appreciate and pay attention to lyrics.. etc.,   and truly,  -if the voice was on 7 days a week, I could watch 7 days a week; all year..     but time does not allow..

but I come by great musicians/songs/performances the same way I come by books sometimes..  I never look at lists:   New York Time best sellers..      top 40 on the charts; never

I'm moved by personal testimonies, and based on Anthony's I made it a point to watch this for breakfast:    DRAKE WHITE                 -and that's a wow performance.     and speaking of wow's and Anthony...   honey!  that irish soda bread... and then, the rolls and icing you made from scratch..   /snuck in the employee break room three times when no one was lookin'     "thank you!!"

and speaking of voices...   my imaginary money...  every penny of it: is on Chris Blue for the win..

and speaking of Blue...  and Gold...   my other imaginary money is on The Golden State Warriors to become...   oh! my two favorite words paired next to each other:


and now I'm off to watch/listen to Faith & Tim sing their newest release...  "that's how you talk to a woman, that's how you speak to a girl..."

and have added to my very long list of documentaries ive watched and enjoyed and learned from:

American Master's/photographer:  pedro guerrero  

keith Richards/under the influence


and my new personal favorite:   and an investment of time/energy..  worth the time/energy, as it's pretty long, I watched over the past couple days

    Rockumentary  Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Runnin' Down a Dream..

and, now, ive already mentioned, ive lost interest in the obvious/repetitive story line for musicians

... chase money/fame
... battle drugs
... go through a series of dysfunctional relationships
... achieve money/fame..
...come to conclusion money/fame not all its cracked up to be..

but I don't lose interest in the gift/talent, artistic/artist narrative, the music itself..  the divine choreography of how musicians cross paths/unite;  the actual song writing/making of music..  the battle between becoming commercial; staying true..

which is repetitive also, isn't it..    but, it's what the battle reveals; this ongoing battle

like the one between good and evil, between flesh and spirit,

remember I used the battery analogy:   the + and the -

when you put a battery in...     if you put ++...   nothing happens; doesn't move.
when you put - -    nothing happens; doesn't move

it's when you put + and -

so, it turns out, it's pretty important; the very thing that provides energy and momentum, and it reveals that there is even an artistic truth in the first place; worth fighting for...

  yes, I like the argument mentioned in the tom petty rockumentary

noting the distinction between being a brand, vs. a band..

the fans might be able to be temporarily deceived; but the artist knows when they start nearing and cross to the wrong side of those tracks..

flip page; go back

do you know that saying,  a man's man...   a woman's woman..

well, on the voice, I consider these two people:    artist's artist:

hunter plake & tsoul

but the show is a pleasure because they have already weeded to a certain level of talent.. 


and regarding musical/vocal gifts & talents, my brothers and sisters.. I do not want you to be uninformed

Thank Jesus...        amen!


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