Wednesday, May 03, 2017

FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS by (me!) sandra, tvgp

very clearly I am writing as a layperson; a poet; a Christian,   -not a scientist or scholar

/I know too much for that..    /she says with a smile


and for the layperson, it can be just as obvious, plant/person..    how we each arrive here on earth with instructions

the instructions, and some people might use the word program; or code

tells the living thing what to do in what order, over what amount of time, what to look like,

traits, characteristics, growth patterns, etc.

on a surface level you can just observe and see..    the instructions for this say:


ignoring environmental requirements for a bit; it would be good exercise to just write what you think the instructions say for each of the flower plants above.  i.e.,

you will have green leaves shaped like this
petals of this color, and shape, and count..

    -a writing of instructions exercise, which allows you to see more clearly what has gone into..   and what differentiates this from that

with people too..

look at a picture of any human being,

what did their instructions say?

mine for example:     female, green eyes, ...    on and on, etc.       and you can start by strictly writing pretend/imposed imaginary instruction based solely on appearance; the surface/the obvious

and then,

if you observe personality, behaviors..  you can add on.     ~left-handed...,

and, now I'm going to repeat what ive been saying for a number of years now.   -because with that exercise as a pre-requisite, it will have greater impact


we come to earth with instructions
what we love to do, instructs us on what we are here to do
what suffering we endure, instructs us on who we are here to help.

and look for that pattern within humanity; it is one of the most beautiful and infinite patterns in the world. 

ive briefly read, heard or seen more than 50 examples in one week..

In Jesus came to earth with instructions too...  's  name!   amen!



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