Tuesday, May 02, 2017

the aesthetic value of a rose. poem & pictures by (me!) sandra, tvgp

aesthetic value of a rose
grateful to be seen
as measured by the eyes, mind, soul
-the average, then the mean
petals counted, color factor
size and weight and length
fragrance test
what smells the best
perfumed layered dream

the aesthetic value of a rose
is a number not
it is manifest
and co~creates 

friendship, romance plots

broken hearts it props

loneliness it stops

smiles; it yields a lot

 congratulations * how are you * sorry that you're hurting

 milestones * gravestones * you're the best  * people who are flirting

forgive me please
i'm on one knee
i like, i love, i want you

a budding rose shows
what open hearts know

its never too late to be you

let this season seize you

its all occasions
but just before each bloom

the space reserved expands with joy
as beauty fills the room

the aesthetic value of a rose
is a number not

unlike the long stemmed dozen
its impact cant be bought.

    ~ i sure like them a lot.


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