Monday, May 01, 2017

"Those... are Ice Poppies!" sings (me!) sandra, tvgp

now, the truth is..   you do not need to know the names of one plant, tree or flower in order to appreciate their beauty and unique life force as you walk through alden lane

name knowing/identification is not necessary, it is not mandatory criteria or a prerequisite to seeing/appreciating/enjoying        -the visual stimulation; the fragrances..    the beauty, the mystery, the diversity

  -free gifts to anyone passing through    -anyone, of any age, race, income, education, orientation, political affiliation, on and on, etc.

but some people appreciate it more than others, don't they.  some are more intrigued than others..   some need to return and linger; some just want to move on to other things

how do we quantify appreciation of nature within a human being?   level of intrigue?   how do these things originate, stagnate or grow within a human being?

I love to think on these things

and even though it is not necessary for me to know names, as a cashier, and with no ambitions for becoming a horticulturist

there is a pleasure in learning/knowing.. 

and I have not gone out of my way, like a student, to study, or memorize, or make flash cards, but just the repetitive exposure itself has allowed me to start to know certain flowers, not just by face; but by name

and chances are stronger that I will retain a name, if I have both seen it pass through the register, and have also spent time watering where it lives in the nursery

but chances higher still, if it has intrigued me enough in its presence alone, to make me curious

"aren't you fascinating... what is your name?"

and then, I have to whisper, person to flower or plant..      "oh goodness...   I'm so sorry they let the scientists name and label you..     don't you wish we could start all over...   give that responsibility to people with a little more..

thank God for common names; yes..."     -and in case you didn't know, these life forms can listen and communicate

and we agreed, categorizing should be for the scientists..  but naming really should be delegated to someone else


received an invitation in the mail recently, it is to a 1 year old's first birthday party, and there is a picture of the baby on the invitation, sitting in front of a field "of ice poppies!"

and prior to working at alden lane, I would have never paid any attention, or noticed, and definitely would not have been able to identify by common name..

I am so grateful to have this world opened to me.  I am like a child..   just enjoying all my eyes can land on

so curious..

what sequence/life instructions...   how does it work exactly, that this one has a scalloped leaf, but this one straight edges?   this one many blooms?  this one,  one..          this one tall..  this one short..

this one low and wide...    this one wild... this one tame..

and it is the curiosity of any scientist I suppose...    the desire to get inside and figure out  -see/discover the life instructions

to replicate what we love; want more of..    to find out the magic combination of unique life instructions in collaboration with environment for any given living thing to reach its full potential

exceed it, with help of human intervention/knowledge/application..

and to reduce the unwanteds...

to figure out,  how much time/effort/energy..

what can coexist?   what problem solving is necessary..

it is a world... alden lane,     a wonderful world!  of living, breathing, beautiful, magnificent, intriguing, creative, colorful, ever changing, completely enchanting

plants, flowers, trees; each with God's signature, a scientific name/label/category, a common name, and a horticulturists nurturing hand

all waiting to be adopted

-and in case you didn't know, these life forms can listen and communicate

"pick me!"

and as they cross the register I have the pleasure of knowing, a new chapter begins, in a new environment, with a new set of people and often pets..

[I do not have time.. but here,  eventually..   more on the importance of movement/change; and more on life codes/instructions in all living things]

In Jesus infinitely creative name    -amen.


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