Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Grateful to cross paths with YOU! (Melissa!)

I've already written about how hard..   working side by side, getting to know/admire/respect my co-worker friends and then..
How they abandon me for silly things like college.  And how I decided I would rather go ahead and get attached and feel the pain of a  /word that starts with Good..  but ends with..  bye.

but when Melissa shared with me..   "I'll be leaving..  I accepted a position as..

-I didn't even hear the rest of what she had to say.

"NO!  No, no, no..  I absolutely forbid it! You may not leave" and I stamped my foot on the ground, but knew it was all for nothing.

Then of course she went on to repeat.. "a full time position as a music director"

-well of course that is exactly what she should be doing! And I know she will be an awesome blessing to everyone she serves.. 

"Congratulations!!" Melissa...  
I'm proud of and very happy for you!
And will be first in line for a future concert

Love & blessings!  Xoxox.


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