Sunday, April 30, 2017

I do not speak Alden Lane... (me!) sandra, tvgp

now, ive already written about how  -terrible..    the scientific names for plants, trees, flowers.. and how desperately they need poets..

and how grateful for common names..

and, as a cashier at alden lane, we wear the same denim shirts as the educated/trained/certified horticulturists, and so people naturally ask us lots of questions,

and several times a day, as politely as I can, "i am merely a cashier, and I don't want you to have to repeat everything, so I'm going to direct you to one of our horticulturists.."

and several times a day, calls come in, and we are supposed to call on our radios out to the horticulturists..   and try and pronounce words/terms/names.. so ...  foreign..   so awkward..

I have absolutely no idea what I'm even trying to re-pronounce..

I usually previse everything by saying, "i don't speak alden lane..."

but,  -yesterday...    fun.   because, I could hear over the radio that I gave my co-worker horticulturist friend gerry the giggles..

I had a customer set a couple grapes in sleeves on the counter..    "i want to know if you have more of these"

I looked at the tag with the grapes..   

  -grapes.  I can say that word.  I'm familiar..  

but, the customer emphasized, "specifically these grapes"

and so I checked the tag, to look for something more specific..

turned my radio to the broadcast to the alden lane world channel, and was like,

"green goods..  can anyone tell me if we have more grapes..   specifically..

/and I had no idea how to pronounce, so I just spelled it:

the V.I.T.I.S.  kind..."

and if you are a horticulturist, or in the nursery industry..   I just made you laugh too.

In guess what Jesus needed to turn water into wine's name     -amen!


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