Tuesday, May 02, 2017

CHECK OUT THIS NEIGHBORHOOD! imagines (me!) sandra, tvgp

I have lived in many different residential neighborhoods; apartment complexes; townhome/condo; mobile home parks; duplex; single family homes..  etc.

and because there is generally always a color code; a standard; very uniform in appearance..  and everyone agrees to stay within certain guidelines so as not to offend the taste of another neighborhood member, or worse.. lower the potential sell value of a home

well, I just often have to imagine, since it has never actually existed anywhere ive lived:  I like to imagine entire neighborhoods populated by artists

where each house, or apartment, or townhome or condo..    where the person living in it, gets to decide what color, what style, what design even if it doesn't match with the others

and you might have a polka dot pattern on this house over here, but a black n white write next door, and they can landscape anyway they want,  etc.

and what a funky, fun, creative, awesome picture in my imagination

and the thing about the nature of the artists living in this wild and creatively free environment, is that they all respect the unique taste of their neighbor

they don't inflict their own taste on others..

      that's what you like..  cool..      this is what I like...

we have way too much conformity/uniformity in general for my taste..   but that's its own style too isn't it

I'd just like to see more creative freedom for home owners/renters

mix it up a little; make life more enjoyable/interesting...

how many neighborhoods do I drive by, walk through..

              oh look, beige, white, brown..
                       dark beige, off white, light brown..    

                          oh, and here we have..    tan, ivory and chocolate...

oh, look..  matching topiaries..     again...

in my imagination..     I can see some wildly creative painted houses and way interesting neighborhoods to visit..

it would be kinda like...     how they have allowed different artists to paint the utility boxes in different cities;   look how much aesthetic value and interest this adds..

like that; only on actual apartments and homes..   every wall an empty canvas  

it would be beautiful!



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