Saturday, May 06, 2017

GOD & A SENSE OF HUMOR.. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

it's not mentioned, specifically, among the fruits of the spirit.

it's not mentioned, specifically, as part of the spiritual wardrobe.

but, trust (me!)

you're gonna need a sense of humor.  God and a sense of humor

not everyone has the gift to make others laugh; belly laugh, spit out their coffee..
but it is one of the highest gifts, in my experience and opinion; highest gifts and signs of intelligence

not everyone has the ability to lighten up enough to appreciate; to giggle, to laugh; get the essence, intention, motivation behind a joke without being offended..

and the ability to discern a heart in the write place; but bad joke vs. good joke, with evil motives..
But there is craft to be valued; entertainment value...   intention/motivation, etc.

i'll stop there.   "Thank You!" Jesus for the great comedians   -and "Thank You!" Jesus for how easily I can appreciate, giggle, laugh..    and not be offended, but just have fun

and for every family member/friend, with one or both gifts..    for the very sound of laughter.

in your,  joy includes laughter    's name...  amen!





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