Monday, May 08, 2017

The phenomenal, the sexy, the hilarious... (craig shoemaker!)

    "erase, erase, erase"  has become "delete, delete, delete"  ~everything else, as I remembered and hoped to, and did see again

HILARITY at the love master level...   

delivery, presence, timing, craft, material:   -nonstop laughter for the duration of the show..

And I do believe my son,  (an almost 2000 by 3 days)  seeing him for the first time, is a new fan

Filed under people/places/experiences at the top of my grateful for list.

/and missed a warrior's playoff game "VICTORY!"  to see Craig at Tommy t's...

Way worth it

"Encore!!"   Craig Shoemaker!!

In Jesus..  is proud of your use of gifts/talents name!  Amen


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