Tuesday, May 09, 2017

GET LOST a poem in progress by (me!) sandra, tvgp

it is what the fans want; and deserve
to watch the artist  -have the nerve

to get lost.

lost in the performance; lost in the song
unaware; the fans are there
lost to write the wrongs

lost in pain; lost in joy; lost in heartbreak's healing noise

                            [applause]     -a purposed cause

connected to the story; revealing what is real
letting go of ego..   threatening to steal

your time to shine and be the sun
illuminate  -where others run

sunburn blisters pop and leak...              too hot, too long..         the artists speak

the fans  -the ones who stick around
get lost too, inside the sounds            

of universal truth                -get lost.       

they didn't come to look at you; they come to see inside

  -get lost in what you're doing..     don't dare hide

getting lost                   ~ its the best part of the ride

don't think; just feel
   let the rhythm be your guide

get lost    with closed and open eyes

self consciousness is full of evil lies

let loose; get lost

                          and then the fans will ~feel

all they ever wanted

        and what they want is real

                          [applause]        not taped and canned and planted

artist you want fans who will get lost too

    -not paid or primed; and only clap as a courtesy for you...

cuz' that's what they been told to do...     

-get lost.

and when the artist gets lost inside..   and the fan is lost beside the artist

everyone can find their way

the path is clear

the path is paved

  -you must get lost

to find your way

inside to joy; is through the pain

and every artist, and every fan..

is on world tour    -to the promised land

   where what you see; and what you feel..

is real.

get lost.   get lost. 

let's heal.                        


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