Sunday, May 14, 2017

Moms in Heaven. Moms on Earth. a poem/pictures by (me!) sandra, tvgp

Moms in Heaven.  Moms on Earth.  Moms in waiting..  yet to birth

LIFE into the world!   .. new baby boys and baby girls...

and from a place of emptiness; love, from seeds, it grows

give, receive, receive and give; until it overflows...

reach back to the before you; stretch out to the unknown

the love you share

with others

is the love that you've been shown.

pay it forward, pass it on, no generation gaps

no longer here means nothing; love will all outlast

I love you

     love is blessed.


I admire my mom's way of honoring her mom..   she does not annually recognize (or deny) the date of her mom's physical death; rather, she celebrates her birthday, and .. for mother's day, she places a vase of 6 flowers next to her picture, in recognition of the 6 children she had..     

how beautiful is that!   and I was provided the opportunity to carry out that tradition today   -and was inspired to take a picture of an empty vase..  I selected a pitcher, because..  you can pour out; and there is the potential for a spill, when it overflows..    and wanted to create the contrast, which at one glance would let you see...   an empty..   and then how beautiful, and full of life;

temporary; fleeting life, like flowers; all of us, but on different time clocks

and there was poverty; very difficult times,  -raising 6 children; no plumbing, no indoor bathroom, not one of the luxuries we enjoy today, from showers, to washers/dryers, microwaves, dishwashers, cell phones, ... computers...  air conditioning/heating..   very long list

but, when you look at an empty vase
vs. a vase with pointy, sharp thorns..    poked myself several times during the process..

leaves, stems, thorns, petals, flowers,   -LIFE

a very hard life vs. no life at all...

and fast forward generations to see..    hard life was not the end of the story; only a chapter..


there is a love thread..


and, for all the mom's here on earth today, celebrating, being celebrated, my own mom, my mom friends..

...   some laughter to carry you through...

/public "thank you!" again here to sue Fordyce for introducing me..


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