Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Let your Conscience be your guide... homework from (writeousmom!)

we are flesh and spirit.   AND! spirit..


what mechanisms inside us allow us to

-identify...   this is my conscience.   and what mechanism, after we identify, allows us to then label/discern

- I have a guilty conscience    vs.

-my conscience is clear..   -how do we do this?

in our physical being:  can this be xrayed?   seen via fmri?   tested with a urine or blood sample?

how do we check our own accuracy?

   'my conscience is clear.'     -prove.     -solve.


I am eye witness to people who are physically fit and spiritually void.

I am eye witness to people who are financially fit and spiritually void.

and vice versa.

spiritual fulfillment...   

connection...   understanding...

the entire population is searching...     learning...

and what mechanism allows us to identify      -feeling empty?  or fulfilled?

   -because we know..

we somehow know.      -prove.   -solve.     -how do we know how we feel?  how do we do that?


In Jesus Name,   hallelujah & amen!



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