Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Heart Seen... by (me!) sandra, tvgp

this is the same one my mom so kindly drove me past, so I could try and get a picture, while she drove..

but I still haven't landed the picture, that even comes close to what my eyes can see..

I'm too early, or too late, as I drive by

but, it is the joy of my commute home..    much larger in person, from the drive on 580 west, castro valley area,  you can start to see it as you approach and then just after you go under the bridge, somewhere after the eden canyon exit..   /haven't paid 100% attention to what exit..

but seems to me, it might be on the same hillside, which puts out the Jesus is the reason for the season and He is Risen, signs, which you see when traveling 580 east...

isn't that somethin'

because those signs on quite on purpose, but this seems more like...

not with human intention..

 In Jesus mysterious name...    amen!


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